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Is it finally time for a middle market growth samba in Brazil?

Ed Marsh on Jul 29, 2015

BRICs global sales strategy

The 'Brazil' fascination There's something strangely alluring about Brazil for American companies.  Ask a company where they want to expand and it's almost always on the list.  Ask why, and there's often no rational offered other than it's market size. Certainly it's a large market - 5th largest in the world by population with more than 200M citize...
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Blogging & Tackling - why a blog is critical for industrial marketing

Ed Marsh on Jul 27, 2015

business growth industrial marketing b2b marketing

Preseason Double Workouts
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How would your B2B sales change if you knew who would buy?

Ed Marsh on Jul 22, 2015

digital marketing b2b sales

Under arrest for the future murder of Sarah Marks
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Manufacturing revenue growth in an era of abundance

Ed Marsh on Jul 8, 2015

business growth business development strategy

The whine I'm sure your VP of Sales is a driven, hard working, numbers focused person.  I'm also sure that (s)he has plenty of reasons why growth is such a challenge. Pricing pressures Margin compression Cheap imports Buyers lurk in the shadows of the web Purchasing is done by teams now, rather than individuals XX feature offered by the competition...
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A lack of B2B Marketing and Sales alignment....or sabotage?

Ed Marsh on Jun 23, 2015

b2b marketing b2b sales strategy

Simple Sabotage Field Manual In January 1944 the recently created Office of Strategic Services (OSS, a predecessor of the CIA) issued it's Simple Sabotage Field Manual.  (Declassified in 2008, a full version is available online here.) The manual codified a doctrine of support for local saboteurs supporting Allied war efforts, and developed tactics ...
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Why Global Sales Efforts Falter (or how to really grow export sales)

Ed Marsh on Jun 10, 2015

export global sales strategy

Easier to admire than to imitate "The trouble is, these global role models are much easier to admire than to imitate" Christian Stadler, HBR June '15, Global Growth, Paltry Returns The metrics make one pause.  Financial analysis of 20 years of financial results from 20,000 companies in 30 countries tell an alarming tale.  Only 1% of the firms had a...
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The international business lesson of Sec'y of State Kerry's bike crash

Ed Marsh on May 31, 2015

international risk management international business development global sales

Fractured right femur I sympathize with Secretary Kerry - I fractured my right femur many years ago.  It's a painful and awkward injury - not least because the requirement to stabilize joints on either side of the break (in other words above hips and below knee) makes for a serious cast! According to the WSJ article and other news sources Sec'y Ker...
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The Finance of Digital Marketing & How it Bends Corporate Strategy

Ed Marsh on May 28, 2015

digital marketing strategy

What if budgets are the problem rather than the solution? That doesn't necessarily mean that the CFO is wrong.  Nor does it mean that the CTO/CDO/CIO/CMO/CRO or any of the other rapidly expanding universe of CXOs are wrong. But the approach to budgeting and resource allocation is wrong. Tradition, silos, budgeting approaches based on adjustments to...
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Anti-Bribery & Corruption - Managing the risk in global sales

Ed Marsh on May 11, 2015

corporate strategy Culture export export consultant FCPA compliance

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Risk Mitigation SMBs doing business globally face some hurdles which are less common in domestic business.  One which seems to either raise inordinate concern....or be largely overlooked is the risk of corruption.
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Stop delegating! B2B Revenue Growth is the CEOs job

Ed Marsh on May 4, 2015

corporate strategy business growth b2b marketing b2b sales

This post originally appeared on 28 April on the Axial Forum.  The CEO has always been ultimately responsible for the numbers.  But delegating the process and execution was common.  Today, however, the process must be fundamentally changed.  This change will include realigning resource allocation between departments and seizing strategic opportunit...
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