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Trust The Man but not the man - how system trumps expert for today's buyers

Ed Marsh on Oct 7, 2015

industrial marketing b2b marketing b2b sales

"Oh you want a receipt?" Maybe it's just me.  Or maybe I'm seeing something that isn't actually there.  But lately I've been struck by how unusual it's becoming to receive a receipt when purchasing something - not just cash (who carries it?) but the very routine credit/debit card purchases made frequently in person. We seem to have passed through a...
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Yogi Berra makes the call on your revenue growth strategy

Ed Marsh on Oct 5, 2015

Yogi Berra, 1925 - 2015, RIP Certainly you heard the news.  Yogi Berra died on Sept 22nd.  Truly the end of an era. There's another era that's ending, just as certainly, although more gradually. Traditional B2B industrial sales, ≈1900 - ≈2014 This isn't another article about how sales has changed.  It isn't even another article about the more salie...
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Management consulting dressed as content marketing

Ed Marsh on Sep 28, 2015

corporate strategy inbound marketing digital marketing Content Marketing strategy

It's not advertising nor is it Simply transactions but rather It's about applying your company's huge store of information & expertise to help educate prospects and customers so they can make informed decisions. It's content marketing Grab your tablet, mute your phone and shut down your mail client for 40 minutes to watch this powerful video from t...
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"Engagement is nothing without conversion" says internet marketing consultant

Ed Marsh on Sep 24, 2015

inbound marketing digital marketing internet marketing strategy

Shocking - Alarming - Erroneous These are examples of the strong language from a report on new research by the Fournaise Marketing Group which describes the fundamental disconnect between business reality and the metrics to which most digital marketers cling. A majority of marketers wrongly assume that awareness and engagement are ways of proving e...
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HubSpot's 95% miss - from an international business consultant view

Ed Marsh on Sep 16, 2015

inbound marketing global sales b2b sales strategy

Inbound marketing is about revenue growth The bottom line of inbound marketing is typically the top line - what revenue growth does it drive. There are other very compelling reasons for B2B companies to embrace inbound marketing (impact on valuation and creation of strategic assets for instance.)  Of course not every company wants huge revenue grow...
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Manufacturing revenue growth - skittish about scaling

Ed Marsh on Sep 1, 2015

corporate strategy business growth business development inbound marketing industrial marketing

Growth isn't all good Jamie Cartwright (@cart_writing) had a great article recently on the Weidert Group Whole Brain Marketing Blog.  Writing for manufacturers of capital equipment he rightly pointed out that often those of us in the marketing world do clients and prospects a disservice with our bias toward growth.
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Responsible for B2B sales growth? You're a wildcatter now...with data!

Ed Marsh on Aug 20, 2015

b2b sales strategy

"Peak Oil is Nonsense"
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Middle Market International Sales Growth - A Social Media View

Ed Marsh on Aug 18, 2015

international risk management corporate strategy business growth export

Great minds in top line growth, transformation and international sales Sometimes it's kind of interesting to deconstruct an event and create a narrative through the social media "eyes" of participants and attendees.
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SEO for OEM manufacturers - the "no man's land" of lead gen

Ed Marsh on Aug 13, 2015

b2b marketing b2b sales

Activity, responsibility, accountability Have you ever had a situation when in the process of walking through a problem you realized there had been a glaring oversight....and wondered how it could have persisted without anyone addressing it? That's how you may feel as we take a quick dive into three areas of "no man's land" in B2B content marketing...
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Check your ego at the door to really nail your industrial marketing

Ed Marsh on Aug 11, 2015

industrial marketing b2b sales strategy

   10,000 hours? Or the right attitude?    Recently I wrote to CEOs about digital marketing delegation.  This article is for the marketing managers out there....who might be getting just a little too confident......  Not everyone's born a virtuouso, but many still have fun and enrich their lives and others by trying things and learning new skills.
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