Guidance for All Stages of Business Development

Business growth strategies and manufacturing business valuation

Ed Marsh on Oct 30, 2014

business growth b2b marketing b2b sales

This post originally appeared yesterday on the Axial Forum, an online thought leadership site for buyers and sellers of mid-size businesses, as well as transactional professionals in that space.
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16 gozinto 75 how many times? The flawed math of strategic marketing

Ed Marsh on Oct 28, 2014

industrial marketing b2b marketing

"Seventy-five percent of global business executives report that the primary purpose for seeking content is researching a business idea, and only 16 percent said it was to support a purchasing decision. However, 75 percent of marketers said that mentions of their products or services are a frequent part of their content strategy....'Business executives are looking for context and perspective to help them do their jobs better'...."  Global Business Executives to Marketers: Stop Marketing, reporting The Economist Group data  
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Stealth Multi-language CMS for international marketing

Ed Marsh on Oct 27, 2014

export internet marketing

Relevant valuable content We're told incessantly that the key to successful content marketing is fundamentally great content.  In order for folks to appreciate that value they need to be able to quickly grasp the value.  That means it must be readily understandable - whether written or spoken (videos, etc.)
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'15 Business Development Budgeting: role of boutique consulting firms

Ed Marsh on Oct 21, 2014

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Level funding or 2% increase? Experience tells me that as you work through budgeting you're considering the sales & marketing budgets through a lens of two other numbers.  First is the '14 budget.  Second is the top line growth expectation that's baked into your overall '15 plan.
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Building your B2B Marketing Plan on 'yeses' & marketing automation

Ed Marsh on Oct 20, 2014

industrial marketing b2b marketing

Did you get a chance to read the recent post about a series of yeses?  If not, take a moment to do so.  It will set the context for this article.
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MA in digital communications - needs an internet marketing consultant

Ed Marsh on Oct 17, 2014

inbound marketing internet marketing

It's going, going, going....foul ball OK - a bit late in the year for a baseball analogy (although it would have been interesting to have a KC vs. STL series for all the folks that refer our manufacturing and agriculture belts as "flyover states"!)
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"Pinch me moments" in B2B Marketing Consulting

Ed Marsh on Oct 16, 2014

b2b marketing

Is this what it feels like to be a teacher? I always wondered what that job would be like.  Every once in a while a student comes through who is likable and engaging, and who really blossoms with your help and assistance.  Kind of like the occasional great approach shot - it's such a rush you hang in there for those moments!  You also have the inevitable stray who simply doesn't get it, and the mass that plugs away, producing average work and gradually improving.
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Purchase Scrutiny & the Role of International Business Consultants

Ed Marsh on Oct 15, 2014

export international business development export consultant

Buyer personas don't translate! Translation freaks me out!  Don't get me wrong.  There are some very fine translators and some exceptional translation firms.  Of course there are bozos too, but most of the bad translation that floats around is the clients' fault.  
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A Series of "Yeses" and your business expansion strategy

Ed Marsh on Oct 14, 2014

business growth Sales & Marketing

Complex B2B sales - and yes/no digital marketing Do buyers pick up your products like a pack of gum they notice while standing in a long checkout line at Home Depot on Saturday afternoon?  Of course not.
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Outrunning economic cycles (& competitors) for robust B2B sales growth

Ed Marsh on Oct 13, 2014

business growth Content Marketing b2b sales

"IMF says economic growth may never return to pre-crisis levels" "The Coming Financial Crisis:  Yes Indeed, Another Crash Is Coming, Says Al Lewis" These recent headlines from The Guardian and Wall Street Journal are similar to many from the last several months.  Do they startle you?  Do you read stories of that sort?  Do they make a difference to your portfolio management approach?  
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