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Diversification in business growth strategies - power of technology

Ed Marsh on Mar 13, 2015

business growth strategy

This post originally appeared on the Axial Forum on 9 March, 2015.  It explores how data driven inbound marketing can be used to help companies carefully execute diversification as part of their business growth strategies.
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Unconscious bias and B2B revenue growth

Ed Marsh on Mar 12, 2015

business development export b2b marketing

Focus on people Lately there's been a lot of talk about the Implicit Association Test.  Numerous social media posts have encouraged people to take it and compare results.
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Optimizing your B2B inbound marketing for influencer sales

Ed Marsh on Feb 26, 2015

Did you see Bryan Mosely's @bmose14 great post yesterday on influencer sales?  Writing on the HubSpot blog he asked:
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"Colliding Megatrends" and strategic consulting services

Ed Marsh on Feb 25, 2015

corporate strategy digital marketing global sales emerging markets

"In a world buffeted by megatrends, short-term financial results are an inadequate guide to strategy."  strategy& "How to Seize the Opportunities When Megatrends Collide" The recent article by strategy& (formerly Booze) talks explores the complexity of market environments facing today's companies.  It suggests changes in management skills and corporate strategy.  Essentially the article acknowledges the daunting nature of colliding megatrends, but also highlights the opportunity they represent for foresightful management teams.
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One question tells whether your market development strategy will work

Ed Marsh on Feb 19, 2015

corporate strategy Sales & Marketing strategy

You're sitting in an airport trying to manage the usual assortment of crisis.  You finally made it through the security line, inhaled a fast food sandwich and now plan to use your 17 minutes prior to boarding to dispense with as much as possible so that in the next hotel room, tonight, you've got less to do at 11:30pm.
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Growth strategy and the corporate land of milk and honey

Ed Marsh on Feb 18, 2015

corporate strategy business growth digital marketing Content Marketing

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Love, companionship & business growth strategies

Ed Marsh on Feb 17, 2015

business growth business development Sales & Marketing b2b sales

Weary of cheesy Valentines Day posts?
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Managing your market development strategy like your operations

Ed Marsh on Feb 16, 2015

corporate strategy business growth Sales & Marketing strategy

Why 'Rick' is funny Geico's manufacturing ad makes me chuckle.  Have you seen it?
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The role of business development consulting in creating business value

Ed Marsh on Feb 9, 2015

corporate strategy digital marketing strategy

This post originally appeared on the Axial Forum on Feb 4, 2015.  The premise is that a scientific approach to revenue growth not only leads to accuracy of forecasting and replicability of sales, but eventually creates a strategic business asset in itself.
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A 'slow hunch' approach to global sales growth

Ed Marsh on Feb 6, 2015

international business development global sales export consultant diversification

"Birdseye's frozen-food breakthrough took shape as a slow hunch, but it also emerged as a kind of collision between several different geographic and intellectual spaces.  To imagine a world of flash-frozen food, Birdseye needed to experience the challenges of feeding a family in an arctic climate surrounded by brutal cold; he needed to spend time with the Inuit fishermen; he needed to inspect the foul containers of cod-fishing trawlers in New York harbors; he needed the scientific knowledge of how to produce temperatures well below freezing; he needed the industrial knowledge of how to build a production line.  Like every big idea, Birdseye's breakthrough was not a single insight, but a network of other ideas, packaged together in a new configuration.  What made Birdseye's idea so powerful was not simply his individual genius, but the div...
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