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Cheetah or Bear...and B2B marketing consulting

Ed Marsh on Jan 12, 2015

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Hot shot sales types Every company's got them. You know the ones that preen and boast.  That sit at their desk (under a shade tree) researching prospects (scanning the savanna) while waiting for leads (prey.)  Suddenly they'll leap into action, racing off for a meeting and generating quotes - maybe bringing in a deal.  When they succeed, they eat their fill and leave the carrion to support the rest of the company - then spend the next weeks telling tales of the hunt.  How they turned a phrase (cut one of the old or sick off from the herd) and pounced for the kill with the ABC close.
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Blowout B2B sales growth on Saturday mornings

Ed Marsh on Jan 7, 2015

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What's your Saturday morning routine? Coffee?  Workout?  Yard work? Youth sports? Hobby?  A couple hours of needed sleep?  Maybe grocery store, dry cleaners, laundry and car wash....
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Behavioral patterns and B2B market development strategy

Ed Marsh on Jan 6, 2015

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Is 'profiling' a dirty word? In our modern lexicon 'profiling' caries a number of emotionally charged connotations.  It's probably safer to avoid using it in business conversation to avoid distracting from the topic at hand.  Nevertheless I recently touched on the use of marketing automation and 'progressive profiling' as a tool to become better acquainted with prospects that lurk in your website shadows.
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New leadership for new business growth strategies

Ed Marsh on Jan 5, 2015

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Leadership is learning... Listen in as Stanley McChrystal delivers a TED talk on leadership in changing environments.  And then, before you discount McChrystal's insight as just another tired or abstruse military analogy, consider this.
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Scaling individual relationships for industrial marketing & sales wins

Ed Marsh on Jan 2, 2015

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"In 2015 we'll see the continued shift away from transactional marketing, with a 'click' as the point of interaction, to a new era of engagement marketing, where marketers focus on engaging people at a personal level, continuously over time, and accross all channels and experiences."  Sanjay Dholokia, Marketo CMO, Marketo's 2015 Marketing Predictions  
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The economics of B2B marketing and growth strategy

Ed Marsh on Dec 30, 2014

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me: "Why did you discount the price?" sales rep:  "Because I heard that they're in financial trouble and if they go bankrupt I didn't want us to have as big an exposure." That's an actual exchange from the #TruthIsStrangerThanFiction category of sales management.
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First mover value advantage of sales consulting

Ed Marsh on Dec 29, 2014

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"74% of buyers choose the company that was FIRST to add value as they are defining their buying vision." The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn During the dotcom era it was hip to talk about first mover advantage.  You had the idea, secretly developed it, secured the 'eyeballs' and it was easy cheesy from least so went the story.
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Reengineering your revenue growth approach to grow B2B sales

Ed Marsh on Dec 22, 2014

This article originally appeard on the Axial Forum on December 11, 2014.
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B2B sales is evolving and some teams are suffering - improve results

Ed Marsh on Dec 18, 2014

This post originally appeard on the HubSpot Sales Blog on December 10th, 2014.
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B2B marketing webinars & how a bit of marketing consulting might help

Ed Marsh on Dec 17, 2014

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Three stats define your world Pull my string and I recite these statistics in most conversations:
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