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Content Creation vs. Distribution & Promotion in industrial marketing

Ed Marsh on Feb 5, 2016

industrial marketing b2b marketing

Work, Work, Work....and nothing to show for it? Check these out. If you're short of time, scroll ahead to about the 20 minute mark in each to see how they actually turn out.   
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What's the difference between Contextual Marketing & Personalization?

Ed Marsh on Feb 4, 2016

inbound marketing industrial marketing digital marketing

Subtle and invisible We all know that our online activities are tracked. No news flash there. If you've ever read and enjoyed a book that you wouldn't have known of without Amazon's suggestion, or watched and been moved by a movie that Netflix alerted you to, you understand that the tracking can enrich your experience. The same is true when you're ...
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-5.1% to +633% - Durable Goods, GDP, B2B Sales & Secular Risk

Ed Marsh on Feb 1, 2016

business growth Sales & Marketing b2b sales strategy

Canary in the coal mine Thursday & Friday's news might have alarmed you a bit if you're an industrial manufacturer....Durable goods orders fell 5.1% in December and GDP slowed to levels which statistically could indicate recession once adjustments are applied in upcoming months. "U.S. Durable Goods Orders Tumbled 5.1% in December" "U.S. economy gri...
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Is Argentina your best market bet in 2016? LatAm? Nicaragua? Brazil?

Ed Marsh on Jan 28, 2016

export international business development global sales

  Defaults and demagoguery from Eva Peron to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner  Even a casual follower of world news knows that Argentina has evolved from one of the world's wealthiest and urbane locations to an economic footnote. (Check out the CIA factbook for more details on Argentina.) Hyper inflation, bond defaults, export controls and price cont...
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Awaiting the Donald Trump of sales & marketing alignment

Ed Marsh on Jan 26, 2016

Culture b2b marketing b2b sales strategy

NB - this isn't a political post. However as David Meerman Scott (@DMScott) periodically points out, there are worthwhile marketing lessons to glean from watching politics. Love him or loathe him It's interesting that there's little middle ground among Trump's observers. But there's a`lmost ubiquitous agreement among all that Trump says things othe...
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The industrial marketing world is about to get ugly - that's good news

Ed Marsh on Jan 22, 2016

corporate strategy industrial marketing

Competition rises as demand falls What happens when trends are mutually reinforcing? Three items this week all seemed to line up around the challenges and opportunity for industrial manufacturers. Economic environment First, (and quickly) from the finance world.  John Mauldin recently featured Lacy Hunt in his Outside the Box article. (follow @John...
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Can you think like a jetman to improve your B2B marketing?

Ed Marsh on Jan 19, 2016

b2b marketing

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HubSpot's four biggest shortcomings to fix in '16

Ed Marsh on Jan 11, 2016

b2b marketing b2b sales

Great, but not perfect Last week I wrote about three unappreciated strengths of HubSpot. B2B industrial manufacturing companies can leverage those for success in '16 and beyond - through up and down economic cycles. As powerful as the software is (including real potential with marketing automation); as exciting as the global opportunity is using in...
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Three key HubSpot strengths for you to build on in '16

Ed Marsh on Jan 5, 2016

industrial marketing b2b marketing b2b sales

Not another "predictions" article Are you weary yet of '16 predictions articles?  I am. After all, most focus on a range of issues over which none of us have any control. Sure, if the FOMC raises interest rates to 10% this year we'll all be in a pickle. But as business people we all recognize that we need to plan for contingencies and build agility...
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Path dependence and typical B2B top line growth models

Ed Marsh on Dec 10, 2015


"Because that's the way it's done in our industry"
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