Guidance for All Stages of Business Development

Consolidating "the dots" - does your internet marketing consultant?

Ed Marsh on Nov 25, 2014

industrial marketing b2b marketing internet marketing

Connecting the dots The process of buying and selling is about understanding the problem, assessing the options and implementing a solution.  Often the problem is more complex than appreciated, or even rather different as in the case of a focus on symptoms rather than causes.
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Why GPS hurts content marketing & how marketing consulting can help

Ed Marsh on Nov 24, 2014

b2b marketing

Nobody asks for directions anymore GPS has helped me find airports in time to turn in rental cars and still make it through the security line on many occasions.  I love it.  Actually I value it, but I don't like it.  I've realized that I have no idea where I am any more.  I just follow along, busy on the phone catching up on calls that don't happen otherwise, without awareness of where on the map I am.  In fact one time I inadvertently accepted an auto suggest in Google maps when the address I entered had an error.  Off I went...and then crossed the state line.  I was in the general area (I pay close enough attention for that!) but not where I wanted to be.  (Hey - before you leave, check out our quiz at the bottom!)
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Designing a business development plan for manufacturers - part 2

Ed Marsh on Nov 19, 2014

business growth business development b2b marketing b2b sales

This originally appeared as a guest post written for the Mass Manufacturing Extension Partnership monthly newsletter in October.  The original article can be found here.
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Is your B2B marketing plan below average? Is the execution worse?

Ed Marsh on Nov 18, 2014

industrial marketing b2b marketing

Half of us are below average Statistically it's inescapable.  That means half of companies; half of marketing departments and half of business performance.
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The "budget" red herring and business development consulting

Ed Marsh on Nov 17, 2014

business growth business development b2b marketing

"You've got to work with us here.  Please understand this is a huge leap for us.  We've never really spent money on marketing before.  So we don't really have a budget to work with." typical manufacturer If you're  active in the business development consulting world working with manufacturing firms you've heard something like this many times.  If you're a manufacturer, you've used this line countless times - on the occasion of every discussion about marketing related topics.
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Global sales growth and the insurance trap of Incoterms 2010

Ed Marsh on Nov 14, 2014

international risk management export global sales emerging markets

Selling more means shipping more Companies get excited about revenue growth, but global sales growth often raises concerns around transactional issues for businesses without a lot of export experience.  The good news is that most of those can be handily addressed by technical experts.  The bad news is that companies don't always know they need an expert, and may try a DiY approach.
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Calling it a "blog" may be your biggest industrial marketing mistake

Ed Marsh on Nov 13, 2014

industrial marketing b2b marketing

Why don't most B2B execs fully embrace the power of blogging as the critical component of revenue growth that it is?  Many reasons for sure, but the origin and name are the biggest.  Here's why:
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"Gurus" & "Ninjas" are for comics...not for B2B marketing consulting

Ed Marsh on Nov 11, 2014

inbound marketing industrial marketing b2b marketing

What happened to competence & expertise? There's a funny (not really!) thing that's happened as technology has infused business.  A new class of "experts" has created itself.  There's a legitimate aspect - some skills such as IT aren't native to the traditional manufacturing org chart.  And then there's an absurd element of self-promotion as folks who have even a limited technical skill set which other's don't, try to arbitrage that gap into a grand brand.
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I know I'm wasting half of my B2B marketing budget...but not which 1/2

Ed Marsh on Nov 6, 2014

industrial marketing b2b marketing

Mischaracterization of reluctance There's a common misconception about B2B business executives.  Marketers often claim that business owners just don't understand that they need to invest in marketing to grow.
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Sales Channel, White Label Content & Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Ed Marsh on Nov 4, 2014

corporate strategy channel management Content Marketing

Channel dissatisfaction Most industrial manufacturers rely on some form of indirect sales channel for revenue growth.  Whether distribution, reps, agents or any of a variety of other versions, channel sales are an economically viable approach to reach broad markets.
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