Building international business - interconnected & sequential steps

Ed Marsh | Apr 3, 2012

The illusion of ease

"All we've got to do is follow-up on those leads from that trade show.  Get a rep in XXXXXXX country, and let them go to work."

Good plan?  Guess what sort of results you'll get!  But silly as it sounds, it's not too far from the approach that many "accidental" exporters take.

Step by step

Properly developing international business requires a carefully prepared strategic plan, and an understanding (and real-world practical experience with) the many aspects of international business which determine success.

Each interrelated aspect complements the others - and a proper international business development plan includes aspects which a casual effort will omit.  For instance, marketing localization, proper compliance programs and government relations are elements which are often overlooked as companies focus on "transactional details."

Experience and perspective

No one knows your business as well as you do.  And "going international" isn't your business anymore than driving the delivery trucks or writing the contracts.  So it stands to reason that, just as writing your own contracts may save a few bucks today but will likely cost a bundle when you have a whitepaper free download key considerations in selecting an export advisorproblem, similarly trying to internationalize on your own will lead to unnecessary expense as well.

Not only will you likely make expensive mistakes, but you'll also bear an "opportunity cost" because of the slow ramp-up.

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