Spanglish - critical language for international the US

Santi Lopez | Feb 22, 2012

2nd most spoken tongue in the US!

Leslie Berestein Rojas’ recent article, Why English-language content for Latinos is the future, captures the current trend of the English language slowly becoming the predominant tongue among US Latinos. The speed of acculturation coupled with the increasing number of US births from 1st generation Latinos is fueling this statistic. The issue is that despite these developments, it is not a simple task to reach out effectively to the diverse US Latino population. The challenge lies in the fact that roots still run deep with 1st and even 2nd generation US Latinos, so deep, that several new websites and cable channels are exclusively targeting this large hybrid group. English-language digital ventures by Fox News Latino and HuffPost Latino Voices, were recently launched. And, a partnership between the HuffPost and AOL has been developing Spanish-English hyper-local Patch Latino sites. Moreover, recent reports claim that Univision and Disney were working together to produce a 24-hour news channel for Latinos in English! 

The article posts highlights from an interview given to an executive of Delloite who works in the Latino Digital Marketing space. When asked what he believes is the cause for this sudden rush for launching media vehicles to target US Latinos, he sites that Latinos as currently outperforming most other ethnic groups in digital technology adoption. 

Language of burgeoning consumer demographic

Other reasons for the rush and commitment of media giants to this burgeoning group is that consumption for consumer goods among young, US Latinos is very high, as is the level of brand loyalty. The use of English as the language for content is also a win-win. Thus, among Latinos of various national origins, the level of command and type of Spanish-spoken can fall into a wide spectrum. Whereas the use of English can bridge each ethnic pocket to one another while maintaining a connection to the broader mainstream market. 

International business....domestically

The language choice is slowly becoming a non-issue. It’s the content. So, if US media companies want to succeed in this space, they must feature news content and entertainment that addresses the bi-culturalism of this diverse group. Paying attention to the hybrid, purchasing motivators of US Latinos will allow US companies, who often look for international expansion to generate additional revenues, to capitalize on low-hanging “consumer” fruit! Think of it as developing international business without ever leaving the US! 

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