Export.gov's Top 50 Search Phrases of 2011

Ed Marsh | Jan 3, 2012

The following is excerpted from a 3 Jan 12 email from the Department of Commerce Foreign Commercial Service.  The content doesn't appear to be available on the export.gov website, nor does the email offer a "view this online" option.  So cut & pasted with attribution to export.gov.

Welcome to 2012!

As a recap of 2011, Export.gov is highlighting the top 50 search phrases of the year. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information about any of these terms.

1. Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor is a certification program for EU and Switzerland regarding data privacy http://1.usa.gov/rXq9Ar



If your product fits an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), then it may need a license http://1.usa.gov/s22Moj


3. Incoterms

International Commercial Terms are a series of sales terms commonly used in international transactions http://1.usa.gov/v0ELsg


4. Certificate of Origin

Not all countries require a Certification of Origin (CO). Also, some COs are prepared by the exporter and some are prepared by the importer http://1.usa.gov/uSeHat


5. Export Documentation

A listing of common export documents is available on Export.gov http://1.usa.gov/qosJ0D


6. Market Research:

Search our database for market research or look for agricultural market research, which is listed separately http://1.usa.gov/uDn7vi


7. Schedule B

HS Classification Numbers and Schedule B Numbers are different. Learn more http://1.usa.gov/vUVaPf



North America Free Trade Agreement - As of 1/1/08 all tariffs and quotas were eliminated on exports to Mexico and Canada under NATFA. http://1.usa.gov/snN8dy


9. National Export Initiative (NEI)

Presidential initiative to doubling exports by the end of 2014, supporting millions of jobs http://export.gov/nei/


10. E-Commerce

Selling goods and services internationally thru online transactions. Are you E-Commerce ready? http://1.usa.gov/tkGjxR


11. Country Commercial Guides (CCG)

CCGs give you basic country info, such as which are the best markets and other cultural insights http://bit.ly/rDTRWj


12. International Logistics

International logistics includes packing, labeling, documentation, insurance, shipping, etc. http://1.usa.gov/uL1Z9O


13. Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

FTAs are agreements between two or more countries to reduce trade barriers & enhance the rule of law http://export.gov/fta/


14. Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are agents for the exporter who can move cargo from “dock-to-door.” They also can provide other, additional services http://1.usa.gov/qDm3cT


15. HS Tariff Classification Number

HS Classification Numbers and Schedule B Numbers are different. Learn more about the differences http://1.usa.gov/vUVaPf


16. Export License

Most export transactions don't require a license. Learn more about when licenses are needed http://1.usa.gov/rFwZsU


17. AES Filing

Export info must be filed electronically thru the Automated Export System (AES) or you may be subject to penalties http://1.usa.gov/pmq8fO


18. Exporting to China

China has many great opportunities to help you expand your business thru exporting http://1.usa.gov/tulkjh



ITA has 100+ US Export Assistance Centers (USEACs) to help you. A listing of the domestic offices is available http://1.usa.gov/vB9ZBD


20. Trade Information Center (TIC)

The TIC is staffed with trade specialists who can answer your exporting questions http://1.usa.gov/vUlD8m


21. CE Mark

CE Mark certifies that a product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements http://1.usa.gov/uTBiAz


22. Declaration of Conformity

Manufacturer use this form to declare their product is in conformity with the European Union essential requirements http://1.usa.gov/un71zO


23. Preference Criterion

Learn about the six preference criterion for qualifying for a NAFTA tariff rate http://1.usa.gov/ssesE7



CAFTA-DR is the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement http://1.usa.gov/sdyGZY


25. US Export Data

Trade data helps companies identify the best countries to target their exporting efforts http://1.usa.gov/w2TpzC


26. International Sales

We have a variety of services to help you sell your products abroad. Come see our list http://1.usa.gov/tCXEMH


27. Export Regulations

Some countries have standards that you should be aware of and that you need to comply with in order to sell your products there http://1.usa.gov/vFmhtK


28. Trade Leads

Search our trade leads by country, industry, or region. Export.gov registration is required to access trade leads http://1.usa.gov/thyrTT


29. Shippers Export Declaration (SED)

SEDs should no longer be filed. All export information must be filed electronically with AESDirect or you may be subject to penalties http://1.usa.gov/pmq8fO


30. How to Export

Do you know if you are export ready? Start here and take our self-assessment http://1.usa.gov/p7ZsuW


31. International Finance

Finance programs are available to help you with working capital, financing international buyers, etc. http://1.usa.gov/o30WBv


32. Export Control Reform

Presidential initiative that counters threats & proliferation of weapons of mass destruction thru controlling certain exports http://export.gov/ecr/


33. Terms of Trade

New to exporting and need help with some trade terms? Here is a listing of the common ones http://1.usa.gov/vryEvE


34. Qatar

The trade specialists in our Qatar office can be your eyes and ears in the Qatar marketplace http://export.gov/qatar/


35. Tariff Rates By Country

Different countries have different tariff rates. View the tariffs for a specific country http://1.usa.gov/tE5EkD


36. Export Statistics

Export stats can help companies identify the best countries for their exporting efforts http://1.usa.gov/w2TpzC


37. Methods of Payment

We describe four different payment options that you can use when exporting http://1.usa.gov/smEsEq


38. Fumigation Certificate

A fumigation certification provides evidence of the fumigation of exported goods. This is one of our common export docs http://1.usa.gov/rLRmzj


39. India

India has many opportunities for US exporters http://1.usa.gov/ufeaI9


40. China Compulsory Certification (CCC Mark)

The CCC Mark is a safety license for manufacturers exporting to or selling in China http://1.usa.gov/uCNfRX


41. CE Mark Countries

CE Mark applies to 32 countries. See which countries are on the list http://1.usa.gov/uPWCgc


42. Gold Key Service

Need custom market and industry briefings or appointments with prospective trade partners? Then the Gold Key service is for you! http://1.usa.gov/rNKrUp


43. Basic Guide to Exporting

Are you exporting yet? The Basic Guide to Exporting includes everything you need to know to get started http://1.usa.gov/tHHgQ2


44. Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC)

The TPCC includes the 20 federal trade agencies with 7 core agencies http://1.usa.gov/uzh0nT


45. Advocacy Center

The Advocacy Center ensures that sales of US products and services have the best chance competing abroad http://export.gov/advocacy/


46. ATA Carnet

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows the temporary entry of goods duty-free and tax-free. It is accepted by 75 countries http://1.usa.gov/rH7Kjh


47. Export Business Plan

Having an export plan is a good step and it is required if you need financial assistance http://1.usa.gov/qukgiP


48. US Commercial Service (CS)

CS has trade specialists in over 100 US cities and over 75 countries to help you export http://1.usa.gov/sBHHMB


49. International Buyer Program (IBP)

IBP brings foreign buyers to US trade shows giving exhibitors more export sales opportunities http://export.gov/ibp/


50. International Company Profile

Need a credit check on a potential international partner? Then this is for you! http://1.usa.gov/vTySV8

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