You don't dare to export!

Ed Marsh | Jan 3, 2012

Who Dares Wins

The British SAS (Special Air Service) has as its motto "Who Dares Wins."  Naturally the daring to which they refer is of a rare and remarkable type.  Yet the point is readily applicable to business.  Taking bold and uncomfortable initiatives isn't easy - but it is necessary for success and business survival in today's markets.  And leadership is the key.  


Export is scary

We routinely see research which indicates that the reason 99% American companies consistently fail to exploit export market opportunities is that they find the prospects to "foreign" and daunting.  Language, different legal environments, logistics considerations, fraud and corruption, sales channels and time differences are all often offered up as reasons why export just wouldn't be right for them.


And of course then there is the "We are so busy with our domestic market."  To which one must reply "And how long will that last?"


At the end of the day the challenge for American companies to exporting is one of mindset.  And mindset regarding export is no different than mindset regarding any other business challenge from quality to equality.  If it must change, you must decide that it must.  And then your leadership is the answer.  Leaders must be able to overcome their personal biases, and with an adequately broad strategic perspective identify key business objectives - and then articulate and lead the initiative.


Courage in the C-Suite

In her recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Rosabeth Moss Kanter wrote that "What you don't do can hurt you.  Missed opportunities lead to later regrets."  and further "Doing nothing seems easy.  It's often an invisible act requires courage...Today courage seems in short supply."  And later "Lack of courage stymies positive change....In troubled companies....Managers equivocate in response to a new initiative."  And finally "Courage doesn't imply absence of fear...(but) sticking with the status quo is tempting.  Once a course is set, it often becomes the path of least resistance."


So today I am calling you, (the president, CEO, VP of Sales, Director, Owner, Founder or anyone who cares about your company) out.  Do you have the courage?  Stand apart from 99% of American companies and leverage the massive global opportunities which exist.


Shoulder to Shoulder

Export can be an intimidating prospect.  But Consilium will stand with you.  Although there will be mistakes and snafus, working together we'll minimize both the risk and expense and help you build a global business development program faster and more effectively than if you were to tackle it alone.


So prove me wrong.  Prove that you do dare to export.  Be courageous, Dare & Win - contact us to explore how we can help you do so.