International Trade is the Real Opportunity

Ed Marsh | Oct 31, 2011

Analytical Optimism

The October 2011 HSBC Trade Connections offers a variety of stats and quotes sure to encourage exporters.


"Recent events have left business people feeling uncertain but one thing is clear, for businesses that are looking to grow, international trade is the real opportunity."


"world trade will grow by 73% in the next 15 years"

"Egypt, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Brazil will be the international powerhouses that drive world trade growth in this period."

"For businesses trading internationally or starting to trade internationally, the combined global outlook provides a positive view of future business opportunities"

"world trade will grow significantly over the next 15 years...emerging market trade is growing at a faster pace than developed world the medium term - the next five to 10 years - growth will pick up, fuelled by rapid economic development in emerging economies"

"international trade is set to grow despite current economic uncertainty"


"Emerging Asia, South America and the Middle East will dominate the high growth rankings of the trading nations over the next 15 years"


"Egypt, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and China emerge as the fastest growing importers over the next 15 years"


"confidence in emerging markets is noticeably higher than in developed markets"


"the emergence of new Free trade Agreements...will drive competitiveness and create market opportunities within those regions.  This will have a positive effect on trade in the medium term as it regains lost momentum."


"Brazil itself is also growing in importance as a trading nation"


"opportunities for linking into the global supply chain they can reduce the risks which can be associated with the process of entering new is important that businesses do not forget that intra-regional assisted by Free Trade Agreements"


"Companies wishing to take advantage of the opportunities international markets offer must have the right strategic partners in place to be successful."