Put your EUR in; Take your concessions out; Do the euro shuffle

Ed Marsh | Aug 16, 2011

Crisis of Political Economy

Stratfor's George Friedman presents an interesting digest of the global economic situation AND the geo-strategic implications in his recent piece Global Economic Downturn: A Crisis of Political Economy.

This situation envelopes Europe, China & the US.  And important to his thesis - it is a crisis of legitimacy for elite in the government and financial spheres.

Diversify & Thrive (or at least survive!)

Diversification is a central theme in global business development.  Diversifying your revenue and profit centers away from exclusively your domestic market and strategically selecting appropriately diverse target markets.  Done properly a company can use the effort to establish counter-cyclical pockets of business - developed to capitalize on regional and market trends in high growth areas, and to minimize the impact of a slowdown in any given area.

Even in the case of a general slowdown, properly structured market diversification will minimize the negative impact and leave a company positioned for a faster rebound.

Staring down the barrel of your own slowdown

Don't you wish that you had been more aggressive over the last two or three years in developing your export business - and doing so proactively rather than by accident to ensure that the focus markets provided not only rapid growth potential but the best de-coupling diversification to ensure solid revenues and profits during the impending soft patch?

It's too late to generate impact today - but if you begin promptly you could see some tangible results in months.  And of course the tough times, when most folks withdraw into their shell, is a superb time to move boldly - and the Consilium model makes it economical as well.