50% Business Growth - Why you should walk (or maybe even RUN) away!

Ed Marsh | Aug 7, 2011

If you choose to "stay home"......

You will forgo massive business growth potential.  At the end of the day, all the "reasons" are lame rationalizations - you and your company could do it, but it takes a decision to do so - and some know how.

The following is excerpted from an article by Keith Fitz-Gerald of Money Map Press (which was featured in John Mauldin's Thoughts from the Front Line on 6 August.)  Italics are Keith's - strike through and emphasis mine.

"If we have learned anything from the current financial mess, it’s that building wealth (a business) is dependent on rational analysis, careful decision making, and risk management. That’s why sticking close to home at a time when our markets are more uncertain than ever is a recipe for disaster and absolutely the wrong thing to do. Not only will you miss out on the world’s fastest-growing markets, but the odds are exceptionally high that you will miss as much as 50% or more in potential returns (growth) over the next decade.

"Don’t get me wrong.

"If you choose to “stay home” or go with what you know, which is what a lot of investors (businesses) are doing right now, chances are you will probably do okay. After all, there will eventually be a U.S. economic recovery and a market rebound.

"But know this.

"You will have to watch others outperform you by 50%, 75%, even 100% or more – for years to come. Adding insult to injury, you’ll have to deal with the ever-present knowledge that you could have been one of them."

Are you a spectator or a doer?

Quite simply it comes down to gumption.  You have to be willing to step into the unknown.  And this doesn't mean the "accidental exporter" wait for them to occasionally come to you approach, but rather a bold, proactive and determined global business development approach.  Find them, Sell them and reap the rewards.

The decision will be uncomfortable - there are uncertainties.  The process will have highs and lows.  But the status quo will not be acceptable - at least not to your banker!  Is this you?

Time to step out!
Make the decision today to start.  It can be a gradual or phased approach.  You can manage the pace and breadth of markets.  But you have to begin!  Let's talk about how Consilium could help you get started and begin the growth.