Ed Marsh | Jul 6, 2011

Common Refrain

It seems like many folks feel similarly beleaguered these days.  It's common to hear that business used to be fun.  It used to be that one would have an occasional bad day, but generally the challenge was welcome and the rewards appropriate.  And then the pregnant pause accompanied by the pained expression and distant stare "....but today..." followed by one form or another of - "it's unforgiving and brutal."

News flash - it's the same for everyone.  Yet some find joy and vigor in their business activities.  Do you?

Change and Challenges

If you didn't read "When can you start?" check it out.  A couple great books sure to stimulate some action and creativity - two critical ingredients to joyful activity in a generally discouraging business environment.

Many SMEs are in a unique position though.  For those whose business is primarily domestic (or even majority export without a strategically developed plan for execution) - in short accidental exporters - there is an opportunity to dramatically invigorate business without a drastic corporate makeover.  Without huge layoffs, structure changes, operational overhauls, etc., companies can quickly add a spark (to be soon followed by activity, and later by revenue) to their businesses by going global.

Employees are excited when good news starts to bubble up around them.  Investors, advisors, board members, lending officers, etc. are all similarly intrigued and pleased with the newly found buzz and momentum which a new or revitalized global business development campaign generates.

And it can all happen without dramatic internal changes - change without the traditional change pain!

Finding business joy by hemisphere, continent or country - market by market

Are you ready for some good news?  More good days at work?  New activity; engaged new channel partners; new market driven innovations; and, especially, new revenue?

How about even some simple aspects - just a change of scenery with new sights, sounds and smells?  Don't worry, you'll still have access to email!  And also to billions of new potential consumers and the companies who cater to them locally.

It all takes a first step - in this case a little one.  Contact us to begin the conversation about how we can help you find "joy" in business.