Could (when will) the EURO crash?

Ed Marsh | May 22, 2011

But what about the EUR?


In an interesting posting to his Frontline Thoughts entitled "All for One Euro and One Euro for All" , John Mauldin (a thought provoking global financial commentator and one of my favorites) quotes Charles Gave of GaveKal as saying "This is why the Euro is a Frankenstein: what started as an earnest attempt to foster greater European integration is instead pitting age-old nations against one another and reviving dangerous nationalisms and populism."


Strong words.....true?  If a currency starts to crumble will it happen slowly?  Will we have time to react?


In his book Ubiquity:  Why Catastrophes Happen, Mark Buchanan would argue that only our conceit would lead us to believe we could predict such events.


And clearly, if it occurs, there will be some subtle initial indicators which will be disregarded by many.  Events will accelerate and response time will be minimal.


Possible?  Sure.  Likely?  Who knows.  Worth considering in your global business overview?  ABSOLUTELY.