Stagnation in the US? Does it matter?

Ed Marsh | May 19, 2011

Why would....why should stagnation in the US matter to you and your business?  In a recent McKinsey "Debate Zone" experts tackled this point in a vigorous point - counterpoint regarding US productivity.


The obvious answer is that business volume and profit potential will be degraded.  Additionally a deteriorating environment often leads to a discouraged malaise in a company - and terminal decline then becomes the easily anticipated incremental progression.

Businesses are like living beasts and must be exercised to thrive.  Of course it matters!

But does it really?  What if you satisfy the need for growth, profit and exercise through a global program?


We recently looked at some of the supplementary potential benefits of taking your business global.  Sure you open up huge potential markets and develop counter-cyclical business efforts - but you also make it possible to tap into huge networks of innovation and market information.

In that sense, regardless of which side of the Cohen vs. McAfee/Brynjolfsson debate you come down on, it almost doesn't matter.....IF GLOBALIZATION is a central strategic objective for your company.  No matter where you are you will find yourself enmeshed in dynamic, exciting and profitable markets.