Airline - business enabler

Ed Marsh | May 3, 2011
Recently came across an interesting initiative by British Airways.  Their "Face of Opportunity" contest encourages global entrepreneurs to tell their story.  In exchange for the exposure, BA benefits in obvious ways as the airline so many of them use to move about the globe in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

They have tapped a number of recognized resources including Rhonda Abrams and Harvard Business Review.

Read Rhonda's "Five Points for Global Business Success" - obviously a simple and basic primer, but basic messages are worth reinforcing.

If you are willing to give BA a couple points of personal info for their marketing purposes, you can download Rhonda's e-book, Go Global: Grow Global - an Entrepreneur's Guide to Building your Business Beyond Borders by clicking here.  It is a very simple overview - much like one you might receive from your state's export assistance office - but it is digestible for international business neophytes.