Export - Only for the giants?

Ed Marsh | Dec 12, 2009

Export - Strategy for just the F500?

Dec 14, 2009 - Barron's - American Giants Extend their Global Reach (subscription required) - contends that more than 40% of S&P 500 profits will be derived from international sales this year. export and international business development aren't only for the mulitnational giants smbs should export too

Setting up resident corporations in numerous countries may be the exclusive domain of global giants but actively pursuing and developing business in countries around the world should be the focus of every for profit effort.

Vistage (well known small business leadership group) recently published research from Alan Beaulieu of Institute of Trend Research - recently suggested that US businesses "Begin selling/exporting your products and services to foreign markets. The global economy will be strong in 2010 and stronger in 2011, while the dollar will be weak. Foreign sales will be more profitable than domestic sales."

American companies need to get on board. More info at "Accidental Exporters"