Export - why international diversification is important for SMBs

Ed Marsh | May 14, 2012

Down & Dirty - export doesn't make the cut

Tired of the routine and oft repeated standard justifications for small & medium size business to go global?  Feel like the same lame rationale just doesn't justify the strategic emphasis and focus of resources which would be required for an international business development effort and export initiative?

You're probably right to be skeptical.  Sure there are large potential markets and the vast majority of consumers lie outside of US domestic markets.  You could sell a ton of _____(whatever you make/do.)

And at the end of the day you are buried.  Email, personnel issues, competitive pressures, resource constraints and customer demands compete for your attention.  Adding a new international diversification initiative with uncertainty and substantial travel/time out of the office seems counterintuitive.  You need to stay focused on today's priorities.

The real (compelling) reasons

But...you knew that was coming, right?  But there are substantial justifications for developing export markets and strategically pursuing an international diversification and global sales development effort.

Here's a quick overview from the perspective of a business owner.  Follow us through the "export looking glass" for an alternative perspective on why international business development could be a strategic imperative for your business.

Maybe it's worth a closer look

Maybe, just maybe, it's in your best business interest to at least explore the possibility beyond the routine bromides and lame justifications.  Think you need some outside advice on how to approach the topic?  Consilium Global Business Advisors assists SMBs in planning, implimenting and executing their international diversification, global sales and export growth initiatives.  Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Not sure you need help?  Or unsure what kind of help you need?  Download our free whitepaper on export advisor options.

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