Export Experts - astronauts and international diversification

Ed Marsh | May 16, 2012

Near sighted

It's easy to see all the potential hiccups.  Business isn't easy, and international business adds other wrinkles.  But often we tend to focus on the uncertainties and the foreign (literal and figurative) elements that are unfamiliar to us.  What if we could really step back and see the entire globe as a contiguous market?  Would international diversification be simpler?

Obviously export growth requires familiarity with nuance and culture in distinct geographical markets - but that may not be any more true than the way you already sell your product into different vertical markets at home.

Imagine if you could literally view your global market comprehensively - almost like an astronaut from space....

Bigger view - total perspective

Astronaut Rusty Schweickart spoke once about his experience space walking when a brief mission glitch gave him 5 free minutes to just gawk at the earth from space...and ponder.
"Up there you go around every hour and a half, time after time after time. You wake up usually in the mornings. And just the way that the track of your orbits go, you wake up over the Mid-East, over North Africa. As you eat breakfast you look out the window as you're going past and there's the Mediterranean area, and Greece, and Rome, and North Africa, and the Sinai, the whole area. And you realize that in one glance that what you're seeing is what was the whole history of man for years - the cradle of civilization. And you think of all that history that you can imagine, looking at that scene.

And you go around down across North Africa and out over the Indian Ocean, and look up at that great subcontinent of India pointed down toward you as you go past it. And Ceylon off to the side, Burma, Southeast Asia, out over the Philippines, and up across that monstrous Pacific Ocean, vast body of water - you've never realized how big that is before.

And you finally come up across the coast of California and look for those friendly things: Los Angeles, and Phoenix, and on across El Paso and there's Houston, there's home, and you look and sure enough there's the Astrodome. And you identify with that, you know - it's an attachment.

And down across New Orleans and then looking down to the south and there's the whole peninsula of Florida laid out. And all the hundreds of hours you spent flying across that route, down in the atmosphere, all that is friendly again. And you go out across the Atlantic Ocean and back across Africa.

And you do it again and again and again.

And that identity - that you identify with Houston, and then you identify with Los Angeles, and Phoenix and New Orleans and everything. And the next thing you recognize in yourself, is you're identifying with North Africa. You look forward to that, you anticipate it. And there it is. That whole process begins to shift of what it is you identify with. When you go around it in an hour and a half you begin to recognize that your identity is with that whole thing. And that makes a change."

See the whole opportunity

What if you could approach your international diversification with that same perspective?  With a deep and abiding belief that there are manageable and worthwhile business opportunities which await - around the globe - your international business development would be a natural effort rather than a burden.

Export opportunities do beckon - and they don't need to be complicated or tricky.  Contact Consilium Global Business Advisors to explore how we can help you conquer new frontiers for your business!

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