International Business Development - pick the perfect time to export!

Ed Marsh | May 30, 2012

Competing Priorities

American companies understand the export opportunity.  The lure of international business development and global growth are clear.  The potential is enormous and the payoff can be handsome.

So why do so few (according to the Department of Commerce, Commercial Service only 5% of American companies export) pursue those opportunities?  Part of it is mindset.  International business development is perceived as complex.  But for many companies the real barrier is resources.  Management can't keep up with what's on their plate already!  How could they possibly undertake a new strategic initiative - particularly one which is the subject of myths and misconceptions.

Let's not delude ourselves

Here's the reality.  We will never catch up.  Our email box will never be cleaned out.  The crisis phone calls will never cease.  But your business is a "living & breathing" entity - and waiting for the "perfect time" to move beyond daily pressures and chaos to launch a strategic international business initiative is analogous to telling an elementary school student that they must master EVERY mathematics and grammar fact before you would countenance their advance to middle school. 

Pretty silly, isn't it?  After all an 85 or 90 on the test is great - and is proof that they aren't "completely ready!"

Email rules and Google Voice

So create some auto-routing rules in exchange/outlook.  Start directing non-strategic issues to your staff.  Use google voice (or another free VOIP tool) to control which calls you receive, when and at what numbers.


Accept that things will be out of control - at least on the periphery - and let's get to work on the most important, transformative project for your company in today's GLOBAL market.  In other words stop simply revving the engine - drop your company into gear and move it forward!

But maybe you need a "formula"

Want to make sure you pick the perfect time to launch your international business development effort?  I understand.  Many managers, owners, senior executives yearn for some reassurance or certainty that they don't make a bold move inadvisably or prematurely.

So contact Consilium Global Business Advisors to discuss your business and how launching or improving your export program could provide dramatic strategic improvement.  Don't want to talk, but want to learn more?  Download our free eBook "Picking the Right Time to Export" here - just be ready for an irreverent look at common considerations!