Export Consultant Value - a bargain!

Ed Marsh | Jun 1, 2012

Export Consultants - delivering value?

Tight budgets are a reality.  Spending money in one area means another will be "shortchanged."  The key is obviously to prioritize investments.  But where do "potential" returns figure in?  Strategy is amorphous, difficult to quantify and often a drain on management bandwidth.

The reality is that many who bear the title of export consultant are experienced in a niche and have a focus on one aspect (normally a transactional detail) or geographic market.  They are technical advisors and can play an important role in helping companies overcome specific challenges.

It all depends on perspective

In most cases, though, they lack the perspective of a business owner.  And that perspective is a key element in the depth and breadth of approach that is necessary to conceive and drive strategy - supported by tactical execution.  

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