Global Sales - you couldn't start now!

Ed Marsh | Jun 4, 2012

Recent headlines tell the story

Bleak US jobs report a danger to global economy (here)

Business Conditions Index Dips in May (here)

The Global Credit Crunch Is Just Getting Started (here)

US employers waiting and watching before hiring (here)

Obviously we need to all just hunker down and ride it out.  It would be nuts to launch any strategic initiative during a period of such uncertainty and turmoil.  Global Sales sounds like a sexy idea, but actually implementing it would be too hard and too expensive during a time when the priority is being conservative!

So you manage your business by headlines?

Here's another one for you.  Of the original Dow Jones Industrial Average component companies, only one (GE) survives from the original index.

Clearly business is so fickle - just staying in business during a recession would be imprudent!  Better plan for that!

Sound patently absurd?  Of course it does - and so does the idea of deferring critical, strategic business initiatives until the conditions are perfect.

So make the choice to "Refuse to Participate in the Recession" and simultaneously enhance your business and leapfrog cowed competitors.  Make key moves now!

But maybe you are worried about the enormous tax implications of year-end expirations?  Fair enough.  It's a factor in business planning.  Or maybe it's the perfect reason to look at global sales.  Did you realize that an IC-DISC allows most businesses to slash their taxes on profits from export sales by 50%?!

"Strategic" & "Bold" don't mean reckless

Think back to our most recent recession.  If you are like me you still bought groceries, still repaired your car, maybe went to the movies a couple times, probably bought some Christmas gifts, etc., etc.  Life goes on, right?  Maybe a little more conservatively, but nevertheless continues.

And even if we plunge into a global recession, what about the 93% of the world's consumers that are outside the US?  Maybe not all, but many of them will continue to luxuriate in new found middle-class disposable income.  And they are going to spend that income of consumer items.

Even if rates of growth dip...and even if there is a contraction, many growth markets will still offer compelling opportunities.  In other words if you access 25% more customers while each buys 5% less, wouldn't that be a net positive?

A global sales initiative would face a risk from poor execution regardless of conditions, but the risk of collapse of the opportunity is negligible.

Strategy - a global sales roadmap

Maybe what you meant was you're just not sure where to start.  That's easy, and that's where a capable business development consultant can make a difference.  Experience in key areas such as channel managementinternational sales and international marketing will accelerate success and mitigate risks.

The bottom line?  There are tons of resources available to support your effort.  Global sales and international business development are both key to long-term business viability in today's "global markets" and a great strategy to prosper and grow during challenging times.

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