Role of an international business consultant - make, save, protect

Ed Marsh | Jun 26, 2012

What's the point?

You probably naturally fall into one of two international business development categories - at least roughly.  You may either "seed" or "solo."  And depending on which basic approach is comfortable, you probably embrace the idea of an international business consultant - or reject it.  Either way, you've probably got an opinion on it.

But at what point do you decide that the nuance, and "ins & outs" of international business development are outside of your core competencies?  Maybe when you realize that there's simply too much for you to know and master.  (Download our free eBook - "An Export Dozen - 12 things that even many exporters don't know about international business.")

Make more money

A capable international business consultant (they really need to have an executive management perspective, not just years of mid-level experience) will help you make more money.  Enterprise valuation enhancement, tax reduction, channel optimization and target market selection are areas in which an insightful export consultant will boost revenue, profit and wealth.

Cost less money

At the same time an expert international business consultant will intuitively help to husband your resources.  International sales growth is a marathon.  Folks that really know the process understand which investments are critical (e.g. travel) and which aren't.  Spending a bunch of money on L/Cs that drive you nuts and frustrate your customers?  Perhaps an appropriate foreign receivables insurance policy would save a bundle.  And of course, picking the right markets and channel model are fundamental skills which, if done correctly, prevent huge wastes of precious resources.

Protect you

Risk mitigation is a third are in which an international business consultant will bring value.  There's no substitute for experience and savvy in this area.  (e.g. FCPA considerations.)  From proper application of Incoterms 2010 to global medical evacuation insurance and export compliance, they should bring a breadth of expertise to mitigate the many risks inherent in international business.

Are you open to assistance?

The question is always if you are willing to be helped.  If you "have all the answers" then it's not worth the investment.  On the other hand if you know your product and your company particularly well, but recognize that others bring comparable expertise in their areas of specialization and seek that expertise to help you succeed, then an international business consultant is probably a dynamite investment.

Want to learn how Consilium Global Business Advisors helps companies make money, save money and manage risks?  Contact us to talk about your situation.  And download our free whitepaper "Six Keys to Selecting the Right Export Advisor."

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