International diversification - truly a patriotic pursuit!

Ed Marsh | Jul 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

Hot dogs, baseball, apple pie, fireworks and......export?

Absolutely!  Exporting is fundamental to the American dream.  Just a quick post today (as much as I hope you enjoy our blog, with a burger beckoning from the grill this may not be real high on your priority list today - and that's OK) to lay out a couple facts on the importance of international diversification for American business.

Higher pay, stronger companies and more jobs

The bottom line is more sales.  American consumers account for approx 5% of the world's in number and 10% in income.  That means that taking the highly coveted "Made in America" label to the rest of the world's buyers increases the potential market for US manufacturers by 2000%!

And studies show that American companies which pursue international diversification and export opportunities:
  • pay higher wages
  • are healthier and more resilient financially
  • show more consistent growth
We know that they also contribute to their communities as vibrant job creators and important members of the local tax base.

Good for you, good for us & good for America

But for an American SMB to undertake an international diversification and global sales initiative takes guts.  And it takes money and commitment.  Sure there's a great potential pay-off for the company's owners - but there's risk and uncertainty.  And it isn't always pleasant to travel (sounds exciting, but the shine comes off that apple pretty quickly) to the places where customers are, and business customs can be confusing and frustrating.

So throw your support to our manufacturers.  Encourage your employer to look overseas for the huge international sales opportunities that will help propel your company to the next level.  If they are unsure, let them know that Consilium Global Business Advisors is available to coach them and assist - side by side - to get it done.  It's the right thing for all of us.

A Birthday Wish

So as you blow out the candles on the cake today...make a wish.  Actually, better than a wish, make a commitment.  Commit to discussing export growth and international diversification for American companies. 

Discuss it with your boss, and with your friends, family & neighbors.  Creating jobs and strengthening American manufacturing is something we all can support!

Recognize the great work done by the folks in the US Commercial Service (@ExportGov) and investigate what your state and local governments (and chambers of commerce, etc.) are doing to support the export of "Made in America" products to the world.

And if you come across someone that wants to export but needs a hand, let them know that Consilium is ready and able!

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