Throwing open your backdoor - the Small Business Marketing answer

Ed Marsh | Oct 4, 2012

Has your business been 'atomized'?

"Google and the other search engines have broken the world into little tiny bits. No one visits a Web site's home page anymore-they walk in the back door, to just the place Google sent them."  Seth Godin, 'Meatball Sundae'

Think about it.  How often do you type in the URL for the homepage of a website you want to visit?  You don't! (Hint - you dinosaurs who say all the time...your potential customers aren't like you!!) You either search and click a link, maybe follow a QR code or most likely click on a link embedded in some social media share.

And that link (whether organic search, code driven or shared) almost invariably takes you to specific content.  A page (or image) well embedded in the bowels a site's structure.

You're coming in through the back door!  Invited!  That's the magic of inbound marketing.

Fences, walls and locks

Here's the odd thing.   Many businesses seem to take the R&D center physical security approach to their 'marketing' website.  Traffic is channeled to the home page - and from there has to figure out where it belong - but without a receptionist.

Let's look at that from your visitors' perspectives - and to do that let's look very quickly at who buys from you and why.  If you're like most companies you offer various products/services, and those are bought by folks with varying motivations and pain points.  The potential variations are nearly endless - but in most cases they can probably be distilled down into 5 - 15 representative 'personas.'

Unless you're a wizard there is no way your home page can speak directly and effectively to 3, much less 5 or 15 different perspectives.  And sadly therefore, you may have awesomely qualified traffic that wanders through and leaves without even realizing the value you offer them.

But an effective small business marketing solution is readily available to you.  Are you too busy with your email inbox and other administrative pressures to seize it?  All you have to do is tear down the fence and throw open your back door!  Actually create multiple entrances which invite visitors from whatever direction they approach - in other words, inbound marketing.

Relevant content, value & conversion

First let's shatter your traditional website model.  Gone are the days when a static site with home page, about us page, products/solutions page and contact us page worked.

People won't gauge your credibility based on the year you were founded!  Rather your ability to intuit their problem and speak directly to it with authority will drive that evaluation.  Your website is no longer an on-line brochure (actually yours may be...and most are.  But that is a obsolete model.  Now it must be a content repository that functions as a lead generation engine.)  Small business marketing must now be built on an inbound marketing foundation.

And returning to those 5-15 typical buyers, you can effectively create content (blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, eBooks, whitepapers, etc.) that speak directly to their business concerns.  And that content, once publicized and keyword optimized, invites the perfect guests directly into your back door, sits them comfortably in your kitchen with a cold beer or warm cup of coffee, and invites them to enjoy your hospitality.

They feel welcome, understood & comfortable.  And then when they leave, now that you're almost friends, they'll often want to stay in touch and provide an email address for you to do so.

Grumpy old man on the corner or the cool neighbor down the block?

You've got to decide -  if you see your web traffic as a low value 'Dennis the Menace' hassle then by all means button things up tight like Mr. Wilson (actually, again, most of you won't need to change anything since that's what you've already built!)  But if you'd rather be the house that kids and parents alike want to visit, with the smoke from the grill always curling up out of the backyard, then you've got some inbound marketing work to do.

Don't want to be Mr. Wilson but not sure how to change?  No problem.  Updating your small business marketing is simple but not easy.  Give us a call.  Consilium Global Business Advisors helps companies build awesome, effective inbound marketing programs to match current market conditions.

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