We've got to...but we can't afford to! A business development paradox

Ed Marsh | Nov 29, 2012

The long painful decline

Most companies are dying.  They just don't know it yet. 

That's true in any era, but especially in today's increasingly competitive markets.  Companies that aren't proactively moving forward; essentially any that adopt the attitude of "maintaining until things turn around", are decaying.  The decay accelerates as revenue stagnates and then falls.  Capable employees, sensing the impending demise, depart, leaving the less dynamic as the force holding the fort.

It's a sad scenario.  One that market forces periodically impose, and one that is likely to become more common.  Indeed fundamental market realities have changed dramatically and relatively few B2B SMBs have acknowledged much less adapted.

But there is a group that have acknowledged and simply can't adapt.  Once the decline begins, cash very quickly tightens, and taxes, payroll, bank and vendors are paid - often in that order.  Any new, strategic initiative (e.g. B2B marketing or global business development) is absent from that list.  That's a tragedy.  But what if there was a workaround?

Bootstrap like a start-up

I know.  That's easy to say, but it's different now.  The bills are big and the monthly nut is, frankly, horrifying.  How did it get so big anyway!!??

But that's reality.  You can only live on ramen so long and you've got to get this thing turned around.  You can dabble in DiY projects, allocating a few moments as you have time between fire fighting, but that's a distraction, not a strategic initiative.  The bottom line is you need outside support.  But that takes money.  So now we've come full circle....what to do.

If....if your company is suffering because you got your clock cleaned by import competition, the US Department of Commerce Trade Adjustment Assistance program might be the answer. 

Are there strings?  Of course.  But if you are determined to get back on top of your game, institute strategic programs that will not only preclude another crisis but actually improve your businesses so that henceforth you're doing the clock cleaning, then this might be a perfect solution.

Consultants fees and business regeneration

The best news (for you AND me) is the nature of the funding and its typical use.  According to the TAA Website "If an import-impacted manufacturer intends to change its business to better compete, anticipates using consultants to implement these plans and could use a boost in paying for the expertise, then TAA is a good fit."

Even Uncle Sam knows you need help...have you admitted it yet? 

50/50% cost splitting up to $150,000.  That's enough to vault your B2B marketing ahead of nearly every global competitor and launch you into lucrative global markets.

So maybe it comes down to this.  Are you too run down?  Just want to milk your "lifestyle" business as long as possible, or are you "Mad. Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!!"? 

Well if you think it's "like everything is going crazy" then get mad.  Give us a call.  Let's talk about a dynamic, strategic, proactive business development program built on our parallel approaches of evolutionary marketing and new markets.  And let's talk about how TAA may make it feasible for your company.

Get up now - go open your window and yell at us!

And then download the piece through this link below. 

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