Business Dating Scene at Inbound13 - hookups or relationship building?

Ed Marsh | Aug 20, 2013

In Boston for Inbound13 and looking for ????

No one ever said what happens in Boston stays in Boston.  In fact with thousands of inbound marketers wandering the streets of Beantown hyper-kinetically tweeting you'd better mind your "Ps & Qs"!

That's why at Consilium we're emphatically not looking for hookups - figuratively or literally!

Too many folks jump on the inbound marketing bandwagon expecting rapid success.  You know better.  Who's got time for the emotionally draining crap that results.

Consilium Dating Profile 200Powerful relationships

But we do know what makes us unique and potentially attractive, and we also know what we seek in a (business!) mate. 

If you're an inbound marketer you know the ropes, and you know your industry.  If your an agency, you certainly know the ins & outs of inbound marketing, and you know your clients pretty well too.  You don't need more of the same.

But at Consilium we've got some qualities that may perfectly compliment what you know and do well.  We can help you stop simply wasting 50% of the awesome inbound leads that you generate.

You see, we specialize in export development (call it global sales, international business development or whatever works - but it's about selling your products profitably into rapidly growing global markets.) 

So marketers looking to maximize their inbound investment, we can help with a fresh approach.  For agencies eager to bring value to clients, we can partner with you (not try to muscle in on your inbound work - but support your efforts just as an SEO or copywriting resource might do.)

Inbound marketing is our common interest

Every solid relationship is built on common interests.  Ours could be inbound marketing.  We believe there's an awesome international angle (and we're not alone - so does @DMScott too!)

Similarly every long-term relationship is built on common aspirations.  No, we're not looking to get children launched off into college and life, but we are looking for a few companies that are interested in working together to build their sales globally.

If you're only goal with inbound marketing is to generate traffic, or to sell some local service in your major metro area, we're not a good fit.  But if you market in pursuit of profitable, long-term, diversified business growth, well then....maybe we should have a 5 minute blind business date at #Inbound13 to meet and plan a time to speak about mutual opportunities.

Want to learn more?  Check out our global business development dating profile.


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