Inbound13 - right time / right place to talk about 'your other leads'

Ed Marsh | Aug 22, 2013

Marketing for business growth - strategic & profitable

Inbound marketing is about generating qualified leads that can be converted to profitable long-term customers.  For some companies geographic proximity is a key business driver/differentiator.  A limo service in Boston isn't interested in airport rides in Boise for sure.

In such cases geography is an important element of lead & client qualification.

But more often than not American companies, spoiled by a huge domestic market which has grown consistently, tend to think of their customer base as just other American buyers.  And in most cases, this bias isn't the result of strategic focus or limitations, but rather of mindset.

And that means that most successful inbound marketing programs generate loads of international leads that are simply ignored.

What a terrible shame!

After all, if the goal is growth, then why not grow globally?  We say #SellMoreHere AND #SellMoreThere!

The power of international inbound marketing

Some of the biggest names in inbound marketing strategy (e.g. @DMScott) talk about the power of global growth.  And some of the unknowns do to!

Let's see if there's an opportunity for you

While we're together at #Inbound13 this final day, let's not waste the opportunity.  We understand global business development and export sales.  We use an integrated methodology to support international sales growth, and as HubSpot VAR we also understand your world of inbound marketing - and especially how the to can fit together.

Let's chat.  Maybe you're already doing the work for even more profitable business growth.

We can help define the global growth opportunity for your business, explore the fit for your company and suggest how (or whether) to proceed.  Reach me Thursday at @EdBMarsh