Slash your B2B marketing budget by 50% just by thinking globally

Ed Marsh | Feb 19, 2014

We'd love to get started with inbound marketing, but.....

B2B content marketing is an awesome tool for manufacturing companies.  Unlike traditional B2B marketing, inbound marketing offers a clear ROI and opportunity for nearly real-time continuous improvement of marketing that is analogous to the process manufacturers follow themselves.

As buyer behaviors evolve, self-service buying is increasingly prevalent even with complex products and services.  Buyers assume that anything worth finding and considering is part of their search results.  So B2B inbound marketing, especially for industrial products, provides the framework for a credible, trustworthy virtual sales relationship through 70% of the buying process before direct interaction is welcome.

But there's no way around the resource requirements.  Whether it's time and skill set of internal resources, or investment in outsourced assistance, the burden of optimization and consistent creation/production/promotion of genuinely valuable content is substantial.

And sadly, therefore, many companies never get started.  They never clear the hurdle of critical mass when the up-front investment in content marketing starts to pay the dividend of sales qualified leads and new revenue - and the massive annuity impacts of cumulative marketing impact and lifetime value of new customers.

Often they acknowledge the opportunity but can't afford the upfront investment.

Uncle Sam rides to the rescue

Even if you are only focused on selling domestically, global awareness could pay major dividends for you here.  Here's why.

If your business has experienced duress due to import competition (this could be loss of orders directly, reduced employment, even loss of orders to a domestic customer who has scaled back because they have lost business to foreign competition) the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration stands ready to split the cost of your marketing efforts through the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program.

It's a government program, so there's detail to understand (although much less than one might assume - it's pretty straightforward.)  But the bottom line?  Pretty straightforward too:
  • Uncle Sam will pay 50% of your marketing initiatives (up to $75,000 of $150,000 total)
  • He pays your consultant/vendor directly so you don't even have to cover a reimbursement float
  • He'll subsidize a wide range of business development work including:

market research

product line evaluation

marketing & sales strategy

competitive analysis

advertising design

export development

promotional materials creation


website development

sales channel analysis

channel partner search

sales force management & training

customer service development


Eliminating barriers in one fell swoop

Inbound marketing makes it natural to attract prospects, convert them to leads, nurture them into customers and then delight them, creating loyal fans.  Do it right and it eliminates many of the barriers that new technology and buyer behaviors have created for B2B sales & marketing.

And the Trade Adjustment Assistance program for firms essentially does the same for manufacturers.  It makes it easy to launch an awesome program - which will become self sustaining in short order.

Uncle Sam's making it easy for you, to make it easy for new customers, to discover your value and apply it to their individual requirements - slaying a lame rationale for deferring proper marketing.

Intrigued?  Contact us to explore how you could be maximizing your marketing, and how the TAAC program could pay you to do so!

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