Thinking about growing your business? STOP - 2 reasons not to

Ed Marsh | Mar 14, 2014

Business development - digging into the downsides

It's not all fun and games.  In fact sometimes the reasons just seem to pile up.  Here we take a look at a couple reasons why cutting edge business development approaches of B2B inbound marketing and global business development might not be right for your company.

Global Sales - it's a slippery slope.  Once you start, someones going to suggest you go to China...and that will be a mistake.

Inbound Marketing - another great sounding idea....but then details get in the way.  Who's going to draw the short straw to tell the CEO that he has to blog too? maybe inbound marketing is good for other companies, but just doesn't quite fit for yours....

If these sound like silly reasons to walk away from the business growth potential of inbound marketing and export sales, I agree.

Here's how we look at the growth opportunity for SMBs.

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