2 more reasons to stop right there - don't try to grow your business!

Ed Marsh | Mar 21, 2014

Not all wine and roses

There's no straight line to business success.  Interesting books dig into all sorts of factors, even plain dumb luck. 

No matter what your path, in the potential event that you are intent on growing your company, here are a couple reasons to reconsider.  

It's not going to be pleasant!

B2B digital marketing - you don't want to start really kicking ass becuase then years of mediocrity will suddenly become painfully apparent and undeniable.  And the VP of Marketing who kept promoting those mediocre programs...poor guy might feel a bit sheepish!

International Sales -  you realize of course that the markets that are growing quickly and buying tons of stuff aren't the ones you can service from a Princess Cruises port call.  You're going to be in some developing markets - and with that come some undesireable toilet conditions.  Don't want to be in the habit of carrying toilet paper in your briefcase?  Better stick to selling in the US.

On the other hand if you think you've got "the right stuff" (or even just a strong compulsion to grow your business despite minor inconvenience) then take a look at our parallel approaches to dynamic business growth.

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