Seduced by B2B sales growth promises? Maybe you should keep it as is!

Ed Marsh | Mar 28, 2014

B2B business development requires pushing the envelope

If the tried and true were still working, you wouldn't be reading this.  We both know that.  

But here's where reality crashes into fantasy.  The actual steps and work required to grow, whether you pursue our #SellMoreHere approach to digital marketing for B2B manufacturers or our #SellMoreThere export sales growth model, are sometimes unpleasant.  

If you could only figure out how to wring enough bucks out of your current model for a few more'd be all set.

But if snapping your fingers didn't work, you may have to actually get to work.  Here are a couple tips - be careful.  Don't get yourself into something you'll regret!!

Internet Marketing -  It takes courage to improve - because doing so implies previous mistakes.  And stepping up your B2B marketing game is no exception.  In fact, once you commit to effective inbound marketing, your VP of marketing is going to feel pretty silly.  All those vague promises about ROI are going to be shown to be hogwash, once you have a B2B marketing solution that really does have a clear ROI.  Maybe you'd better not go there.....

Export Market Development - Keep your B2B manufacturing business domestic, small and stagnant.  That's a surefire approach to avoiding real hassles like allowing people to pay you with real money....even if it's not benjamins.  FX isn't (or shouldn't be a big deal) but if you don't have the stomach for learning something new and interesting, don't try to take your company global!

Not freaked out yet?  Think you can gut it out?  Then take a look at how we approach B2B business development for manufacturers.  Our two prong approach is about growing profitably and appropriately.

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