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Growth is elusive

What issue do business owners and executives ponder most in those quiet, introspective moments stuck in traffic or on long flights?  Business development.


But in the office, the incessant ding of the email chime, pesky personnel issues, production problems and other pressing priorities trump the question of growth.  Because after all every company has sales and marketing functions.  The problem is they don’t work the way they did 10, or even 5 years ago.  Adding profitable new customers, profitably – in other words finding the right clients to support your long-term growth, and managing to do so with a reasonable cost of acquisition – is very, very hard.

And because there’s no clear answer the status quo prevails – maybe with tweaks around the edge.  Try a different on-line service; place an ad in a different industry magazine; add another sales person; or go to one more trade show…and there’s little discernible difference.  So with the exception of teeth gnashing when reviewing monthly and quarterly numbers, the subject is treated like the proverbial “crazy uncle” at family gatherings – it’s politely acknowledged and then ignored.

Except for those quite, introspective moments…when you acknowledge that it’s not working and you don’t know what to do.

We do know.  And we can help you grow.

Business development is imperative


Businesses must grow – whether from a sense of commitment to loyal employees, to satisfy ratios and loan covenants, accommodate family members growing up into a business or to achieve personal objectives. Abundant research confirms that stagnation in business growth leads almost inexorably to decay.

The bottom line?  Whatever your ownership motivations, if you don’t want your business to wither, then business development and growth are inescapable requirements.

The challenge is that the world is changing so quickly around us it’s often hard to know which part of our business to evolve and at what point.  Here’s a hint…it’s past time to evolve your business development. The traditional methods are not adequately suited to today’s markets.  If you want to grow, indeed if you must grow your company, then you must update your methods.

A Business Development Solution – based on metrics rather than “hocus pocus”

At Consilium we believe it’s all really pretty simple.  There are two keys:

  • identify where your potential profitable new customers/clients are meet them there
  • reach them as they expect to be reached today  (after all, it’s not the late 90s anymore!)

Now we recognize that sounds deceptively simple – the thing is that it is simple.  It’s not necessarily easy or quick, but unlike traditional approaches of “trust me” or “hope” marketing (you know, the it’s a great design so it’s going to get you great results) and “throw enough *)#^ on the wall and some of it will stick” sales, these approaches can be quantified in terms of metrics.

For companies with always stretched budgets, that’s huge!

Parallel paths – Business Development for Today’s Markets

Consilium’s approach is based on the two key business development realities as companies face them today. Traditional marketing is decreasingly effectiveAND domestic growth will be minimal compared to the world’s surging markets.

The solution, therefore, is to evolve marketing so that it works and to find appropriate new markets. And for those of you already starting to fret…one at a time, either one, is OK too!

And the really cool part about all of it?  It works.  So if you’re serious about growth; serious about changing the trajectory that you’re on and willing to endure the discomfort of change – check out our suggested approach.

A remarkable combination

And perhaps the coolest thing about Consilium's two-pronged strategy?

The two approaches dovetail perfectly.

Start Inbound marketing like your business depends on it (believe us...it does!) and suddenly you'll find amazing, qualified opportunities in markets you've never considered. Now don't fret - you don't have to pursue them. But you may find yourself suddenly pumped up for international business if you uncover dynamic pockets of opportunity internationally. Want to know how to leverage them? Guess who can help...Consilium Global Business Advisors

Already looking internationally but having a hard time finding the right channel partners? And channel partners not finding enough qualified projects? Know what would help? An inbound marketing approach, built on a solid platform and best practices...and then expertly internationalized. Sound tricky? It is, but guess who can help...Consilium Global Business Advisors.

You won't find another firm with the same perspective and skills to help SMBs grow. We'd call it "unique" except that's such a lame word. Maybe it's more accurate to say we're the only ones in the world who "get it" like we do and have assembled the team and skills to deliver!