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Wondering where else Ed's published?

In addition to this blog, Medium and the Amex OPEN Forum, Ed has authored a number of other articles including these listed below.


Axial Forum (middle market M&A)

Why Revenue Growth is the CEO’s Job

How Technology is Simplifying Revenue Diversification

How Earnings & Unique Assets Grow Valuations

Why Rethinking Your Sales Strategy Can Drive New Revenue

To Maximize Valuation, Look to Sustainable Top Line Growth



How to Turn Around a Damaged Sales Culture

Marketing Automation: From Shiny Marketing Gadget to Powerful Sales Tool

3D Buying Journey & Why Your Existing Buyer Personas Might Not Be Working

Thinking About Going International? 11 Tips for Inbound Success Overseas

7 Serious Business and Legal Risks of B2B Social Media Marketing



I Can’t Believe Your Company Isn’t Yet Generating Revenue from Social Media Marketing


Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Identifying, Acknowledging, & Overcoming the Fundamental Dissonance Between Top Line and Bottom Line, Part 1

Identifying, Acknowledging, & Overcoming the Fundamental Dissonance Between Top Line and Bottom Line, Part 2



How Your Digital Footprint Could Turn Exporting From Risk to Opportunity


Manufacturing Business Technology

Canada – The Untapped Exporting Opportunity For U.S. Businesses 


Small Business Digest

Small Businesses Can Learn from Selling Abroad

Forum for International Trade Training

Take the gambling out of global expansion by making decisions based on real data

It’s time for SMB’s to consider inorganic growth strategies to expand globally


Strand Marketing

Marketing Execution Tip #1: Mobile Preparedness and Website Marketing Strategy

Marketing Execution Tip #2: The Right Tools for Building a B2B Marketing Arsenal

Marketing Execution Tip #3: Keep Focus on Your “Marketing Middleware” and Improve the Results of Your Strategic Marketing Plan

International Man

Benefits Of Internationalizing Your Business

Africa: Real Diversification – Looking Beyond The Reflexive

Seven Elements of International Marketing

How to Gain Business Savvy from a Crosswalk

Corruption and the International Businessman

4 International Markets to Consider

Law and the International Businessman

“How do I find information regarding the pros & cons of setting up a foreign business?”

“I know a few places that I would be happy living, but I want my company to be located…”

“Will I be able to have the (foreign) company in my name or will there have to be other arrangements

“What are the limitations of owning a company abroad (can it be a real estate investing or stock hol

How to Use FX to Increase Your International Business Revenue

Selecting Your First Overseas Market

How to Internationally Diversify Your Business

How to “Export” Your Business Overseas