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Upcoming Events

Process Equipment Manufacturers' Association (PEMA)

Date & Time: 11 September, 2017

Event: Annual meeting keynote

Location: San Antonio, TX

Keynote Title: Flourishing amidst disruption - turning marketing and technology chaos into revenue

Topic: Every machinery and equipment manufacturer is facing disruptive trends - because your customers, and their customers are being disrupted. But we've got notes to pay, employees to care for and aspirations for our businesses. So we have to grow through disruption - and the good news is that's easier than it sounds both because many of your competitors will falter and because amazing new opportunities will arise.

FITT - Your Future in Global Markets

Date & Time: 2-4 October, 2017

Event: Your Future in Global Markets (more info)

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Title:   Outpacing the competition when trade is complicated! Overcoming the unique challenges of global business

Topic:  "insights into the technology that can help your international marketing and competitive intelligence, and some great tools that international business pros like you need to succeed. Cut through the clutter and zero in on the how technology can help your business grow in global markets"

Inbound 2017

Date & Time: 11:45-12:30 | 26 September, 2017

Event: Inbound 2017 (more info)

Location: Boston, MA

Title: Grow Purposefully - Export Accidentally    

Topic:  You're building your inbound marketing and sales capabilities to grow your business in a scalable, profitable way. So it may surprise you to accidentally stumble onto one of your biggest opportunities - global sales. Improved marketing will attract more international leads. You'll have data for decisions. Just like HubSpot, you can gradually target markets, create localized content, develop indirect & direct channel, and grow your export sales. More deals, lower taxes, and diversification.  

Military Influencer Conference 2017

Date & Time: 23-24 October, 2017

Event: MilBlogging 2017 (more info)

Location: Dallas, TX

Title:  My blogging landed an F100 client - yours can land you global growth

Topic:  This session will explore how to focus the work so that it pays off...and then pay off globally. Using case studies of global business successes which have been built on humble beginning that harnessed the power of digital, attendees will learn how to incrementally extend the work they’re doing anyway to attract international buyers; and to do so in a low risk, low cost way.

Recent Events

AMEX OPEN Summit for Success

Date & Time: 15 June, 2017

Event: American Express OPEN for Government Contracting: Summit for Success (more info)

Location: Washington, DC


About Ed

Ed Marsh - experienced international business development expert. Founded and ran a company in India. Substantial European, Asian, ASEAN and LatAm experience in industrial and defense/security industries. Noted resource on international channel development and management.

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