Special Project - Military & Veteran Business

c141.jpgEd works primarily with middle market industrial manufacturers, and almost exclusively with B2B industrial companies. 

But he also supports entrepreneurship and small business among veterans and military spouses. So he's been an active supporter and a charter member of the innovative new HubSpot for Veterans program. Ed:

Bottom line, veterans and their spouses are incredibly resourceful and resilient business people. And sometimes they're so good, working for "the man" isn't going to cut it. They're great entrepreneurs too!

Amazing ideas, incredible work ethic and grit - combined with the powerful tools of digital marketing are a recipe for success. That means at least fulfillment, and sometimes families livelihoods. In fact the impact of digital tools can be amazing. Recent Deloitte research found that it correlates to outperformance of:

  • 4X growth rate
  • 2X revenue
  • 3X more likely to export
  • 6X employment growth rate

Let's make more veteran businesses successful, and create more jobs as a result. Check out the incredible resources available to support veteran, military and spouse owned businesses!

HubSpot for Veterans Program

Don't let the name throw you off. This is for vetrepreneurs, but also active military with a side hustle and the many inspiring military spouse businesses too!


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Don't want to register for a demo according to someone else's schedule? - Watch an on demand demo here. (skip the opening chatter and go to about the 6 minute mark)

Learn more & sign-up Huge discounts on HubSpot for VeteransLearn more about HubSpot for Veterans Scholarships - We've got a full page here describing discounted programs & scholarships to maximize your digital footprint (learn more and get a HUUUGGGEEE discount here)

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Google hangout - HubSpot for Vets office hours (details pending)