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Create Your Industry's Knowledge Graph

No Matter What You Call it...Industry Leadership is Important

Whether you call it fresh powder, clean air, a jump start or simply a unique competitive advantage, being first is scary, but it's critical.

You may look back wistfully now on the early mover advantage of companies that took SEO seriously in the early 2000s. If only you had...

Well, here's your chance. Establishing your company's leadership by creating your industry's knowledge graph will be an enormous competitive advantage. A business strategy opportunity that you can't afford to miss, particularly in conservative areas like capital equipment sales and manufacturing marketing.

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What will you get?

Everything besides the industry knowledge and connections.


My goal is to simplify this so it gets done. Of course it won't be easy. And it's not a 90 program. You need to commit to it long-term.

But here's how we get started and what happens over 90-120 days:

  • Full project plan
  • Project purpose document (in the graph itself - our foundational knowledge) to articulate value for each stakeholder
  • Team / resource plan (exec, editor/moderator, SMEs, tech)
  • Onboarding and training (to foster mindset and build habits and skills)
    • for leadership & project team
    • for contributors
    • for visitors
  • Executive and moderator coaching
  • Customizations of Roam Research (visual and functional)
  • Graph scope
    • goals
    • milestones and timeline
    • initial themes, topics and structure
    • roadmap for expansion
  • Contributors
    • define profile
    • identify great candidates (this one is on you)
    • templates and plan for recruiting them
  • Templates (modify as you see fit) for:
    • community guidelines
    • moderator guidelines
    • contributor agreement
    • participant agreement
    • terms of use
  • Industry publicity - press release templates for
    • project launch
    • key contributors
  • Monthly updates on new innovations in Roam community
  • Slack workspace for graph participants

Basically an industry knowledge graph in a box, with quick start resources, consulting and coaching, lessons learned and best practices.

All you need to bring is the industry knowledge and connections - plus desire and some time.

What will it cost?

I'd plan on roughly $150K/year in direct cost.

The first year you'll pay me to help you launch, and your editor/moderator for part of the year.

There will be some small technology and legal costs, and you might plan on some ads to promote it once it's up and running.

Subsequently, you'll have your editor/moderator and incidental costs. Probably $100K/year.

And of course you'll have some management time along with SME contributions from within your company.

What is my fee?

We're on the cutting edge and we're both going to be learning as we go. Roam Research is evolving quickly, and we'll have to educate people on the value of this project.

Therefore I'm planning on only working with three companies on this in 2021 with the goal of creating a packaged, scalable model for 2022.

I'll only work with one company in an industry.

Early movers get the best deal. If your company engages:

First - $65,000

Second - $85,000

Third - $95,000


Let's schedule a meeting to see if it's a fit