International Inbound Marketing – your ‘passe-partout’ to global sales growth

imgres-1Consilium includes a uniquely comprehensive international marketing component in our overall consulting approach. Properly positioning your company and brand in strategically important markets is critical.  Period.  But there are resources required, and sometimes it’s just too much to undertake.  But there’s one component which EVERY company should be undertaking for their domestic business – international inbound marketing – and building on that Consilium’s expertise can unlock enormous international opportunities for you…from your home office.

Assuming a company has a baseline from ongoing domestic inbound marketing (we can assist develop that as an initial step if required) Consilium can readily assist in optimizing the effort for each key target market.  We take a systematic approach to planning, implementing and executing a tailored international inbound marketing effort.

"Today’s ‘content marketing’ will be tomorrow’s ‘marketing’"


The bottom line?  We’ll help you transform your digital marketing from a “brochure” to an international business generation machine!  And for companies intrigued with international expansion but not yet ready to commit to putting “boots on the ground” in foreign markets, this can be both a great way to ease into global sales and a perfect way to refine market focus and approaches – not to mention that you will find agents and reps with this approach too.

A brief example:

For a fixed fee, Consilium provides international inbound marketing strategy, implementation and execution consulting as follows:

  • Typical duration – 3 months
  • On-site meetings – 3 X 1 day (expenses additional)
  • Telephone support – up to 2 hours/week
  • Remote training via GotoMeeting or comparable method
  • Client contracts for platform license(s) separately (not included in this fixed fee)
  • Client provides all content, translated (content creation and translation are available for a fee)
  • Review of domestic inbound marketing (website, social media, content, SEO, keywords)
  • Build and update the domestic program as required (at additional fee)
  • Strategic market (often region for language purposes) mapping
  • TLD and microsite development plan (for up to 3 regions/languages, client purchases and manages domains, actual site development and hosting not included, but like more regions/languages, is available for a fee)
  • Foreign language keywords (translation of up to 1,000 keywords is included)
  • Foreign language content planning
  • Tracking, reporting & optimization
  • Local social media account creation and integration
  • Automated lead nurturing with channel qualification support
  • Execution assistance for two weeks beyond 8 week training program

International inbound marketing – affordable and incredibly effective…international business development right from your own office

Ultimately the content creation, social media updates, site maintenance and other ongoing execution are the client responsibility.  Consilium recognizes, however, that some companies have neither available employee time nor expertise in the consistent development of content and execution of the program.  We therefore provide ongoing assistance with all aspects (content development, translation, social media updates, etc.) for an additional fee.

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