Build the base

Revenue growth is an incrasingly complex challenge. Many companies invest in the work, but because of seemingly insignificant details, fail to realize results.

The details are critical - and a solid program is built on a firm footing. We know from experience that ad-hoc execution generally fails. While often consulting "assessments" are vacuous, we start with the following comprehensive and actionable assessment & execution plan which creates the context and direction for the ongoing work.

The initial work takes from 45-90 days and requires access to key leadership and staff members, but doesn't involve more than a couple days of any individual's time.

It includes:

  • Strategy review - understand company goals at high level (valuation, growth, diverisification, transition plan, strategic issues e.g. 3D printing, IoT) and mid level (market focus, product roadmap, channel models and workforce issues) so that execution supports those directly.
  • Website review - current status, capability and performance of site as well as opportunities for easy wins.
  • In-house marketing & sales team evaluation - existing strengths, gaps, backgrounds and skillsets as well as integration of revenue growth continuum.
  • Qualtitative buyer research - identify key "buyer personas" and map buyer journey
  • Messaging - is the marketing conversation with buyers in their language...or the company's
  • Global review - understand any international sales goals and opportunity and consider current efforts
  • Sales channel review - many industrial manufacturers rely on indirect sales channel - that's often a significant area of potential improvement, and an area of concern as marketing improves
  • SEO, links and competitive audits - key performance metrics for SEO value of site in abstract and vs. competitors. Identify performance and opportunities for brand, product, problem, application and solution keywords and links to disavow and to pursue. Identify site optimization opportunities.
  • Paid ads - history, performance and opportunity for paid ads on various channels
  • Existing content audit - identify types and details of existing content and map it to personas and journey to identify gaps
  • Content workshop - We bring together executives from all disciplines along with marketing and sales and spend 1/2 day outlining the premise and approach for industrial content marketing and agree on tactics to create it as required. This is a critical step to demonstrate management emphasis and to facilitate the later work (travel expenses additional)
  • Maturity model - overlay the starting state on our proprietary maturity model and identify red flag issues for short-term focus and prioritize areas for incremental improvement
  • Editorial calendar - build six month editorial calendar (offers, blogs, press releases, events, sales channel marketing, guest posts (in and out)) to support strategy, personas, SEO strategy and fill content gaps)
  • Recommend KPIs
  • Set up initial reports and alerts - create dashboards and reports for management, sales leadership, marketing leadership, marketing operatinos, sales reps - each delivering actionable insights rather than simply retrospective performance data
  • Set up tools - implement the toolkit
  • Library - 5 copies each of several books that provide great context for critical elements of the work

The client owns this information (but not the maturity model IP) which provides not only a model of the methodology, but critical support for the future collaborative and/or independent work.

Operating model

Then the client work starts. With specific direction from the plan, and context from the assessment, we collectively identify priorities, identify work required and match it against available resources (with our guidance on reasonable requirements for different activities.)

This generally involves:

  • access to the toolkit
  • one hour online meeting / week with marketing team
  • one hour online meeting / month with marketing & sales leadership together
  • one hour online meeting / month with management
  • quarterly one day on-site (travel expenses additional)
  • full access to corporate management team for questions, recommendations and discussion of progress/performance, staffing and internal capability development, alignment with strategy
  • availability to answer conceptual questions by email and phone
  • availability to answer execution questions by Slack
  • assistance with issues with tools which knowledgebase and/or tech support haven't adequately resolved

We can provide recordings of all online meetings for reference or client transcription.

These engagements are agreed to in quarterly increments.

Optional additions

Often in the course of ongoing execution work clients identify areas where they'd like to undertake some bigger work to achieve larger results in areas which are related to the core work, but additive to it.

While our core work touches on all these, program development and deep dive in planning and execution assistance are available through parallel engagements.

Common areas include:

  • Website redesign / migration
  • Lead management 
  • Sales process including account management vs. project management
  • Sales Channel improvement
  • Global market development
  • Corporate strategy for inorganic growth, value creation, strategic asset creation, business model evolution and more
  • Assistance with atracting, hiring and retaining key staff and contract resources (writers, analysts, etc.)