Built on Strategy - Executed by Process

Manufacturers Build Assets

Outsourcing is a Cost - Assets are an investment

You have vision, brand, products, manufacturing IP and a marketing and sales team.

But maybe it's not as effective as you hoped...maybe you're still searching for scalable, predictable, profitable growth. Reliable forecasting, support for strategic priorities, transparency & accountability in the revenue growth function and even digital transformation are aspirations of many traditional manufacturers...that prove elusive.

You've likely invested internally, and maybe seen some results - but you're not driving the return you anticipated. So do you outsource to a content marketing agency? Or do you take a different approach to building the muscle internally.

This advisory model combines the outside benefit of best practices and current trends with your understandable preference to build your own evergreen capability and revenue growth process & IP. It also overcomes two shortcomings of outsourcing - cost and expertise. No agency can provide the in depth knowledge of your industry, or the pan silo perspective necessary for ongoing success.

You build it. You own it. You reap the long-term value. Stop renting hours & insights - create your own revenue growth asset!

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Revenue Growth Wisdom

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Components + Your Team

Strategy, Experience, Tools & Coaching

Why do so many companies embrace content marketing but fail to achieve results? Because it's not just the work, but the nuance of how it's done and the context in which it happens.

This model provides the tools, experience, framework and advice that pulls it together in a package which empowers your team to achieve. There's no shortage of "experts" in the market - this model delivers the "wisdom" that's often the difference between work and success.

It incorporates:


Powerful Start

Proven Design - Square & Level

There's a lot of background work that has to happen to build a great program. Your team is busy.  I'll do most of this.

90 days (roughly) later, with relatively little demand on your team, you'll have a full foundational package of insights and guidance that will guide the first year or more of your team's work. AND you'll have examples and models on which your team can build and iterate.

Start-up includes:

  • Review of strategy, messaging, internal skill sets, global approach, existing digital footprint, and sales channel
  • Fully developed buyer persona and journey based on qualitative research
  • Competitive audits
  • Management content workshop
  • Content audit and six month editorial plan
  • Set-up, integration and implementation of tools, reports and alerts for KPIs and activity
  • Maturity model evaluation

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Ongoing Value

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Take Ownership & Thrive

Your Team Takes Charge

Once the foundation is in place then your team takes over, with advice and coaching, for the next three months.

After that it's your call. We can continue the coaching and advisory work in three month increments. While some clients roll from quarter to quarter - even opting in advance for annual assistance - others prefer to try quarter on followed by quarter off.

This process is so potentially complex and sophisticated that the longer the work progresses the deeper we dive into details of specific areas while retaining progressively higher levels of baselineproficiency in all.

Want to pause periodically for your team to consolidate their lessons learned? No problem. You can license access to the toolkit, framework, content and maturity model at a reduced cost or simply go it alone at no charge - building on the expertise you've developed.

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Typical Client

Self Sufficiency & Scale

For Existing Vision & Resources

Manufacturers build stuff. That informs their philosophy, view of the world and approach to business. Outsourcing entire functions and ceding ownership of the IP and assets are often undesirable. We help companies develop and strengthen their internal capability.

de Tocqueville foresaw that America could become home to individuals and companies that "wear themselves out in trivial, lonely, futile activity." Regrettably that's a reasonable characterization of many companies' revenue growth efforts.

But many business owners and senior executives recognize that profitable growth is both harder and more random. Our ideal clients are determined to solve for that - and looking for ways to do so.

My typical clients:

  • Instinctively "Run toward the action" rather than wait to see what happens
  • Have at least a skeleton "marketing" staff or are willing to hire
  • CEO is actively engaged in revenue growth - we'll tackle some organizational change issues
  • Often are using or have used HubSpot (Pardot, Marketo, etc) marketing automation but probably didn't see the expected results
  • Minimize silo competition - this effort will take broad collaboration
  • Are OK holding themselves accountable to tasks, deadlines, goals and targets
  • Want to develop internal capability

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