You Are a Builder

You experiment, test, develop and improve your products.

But your Revenue Growth function is different - you don't have the same in house expertise. And many leaders of B2B industrial companies are gradually realizing that despite good people and great intentions, what they've built isn't best in class like their products. They don't have the same rigorous process for marketing and sales that they have for manufacturing operations, and they don't have the same insight and control. It's left largely to chance.

And as a result most companies find that:

  • Sales are difficult to forecast accurately
  • Pipelines are unpredictable
  • They're not clear which marketing investments are really effective
  • The effort is only focused on selling what they have - not predicting new products and revenue models, nor developing long-term enterprise value

That's "zemblanity" or "the inexorable discovery of what we don’t want to know." The difficult truth is that for most B2B industrial companies the revenue growth function isn't nearly as rigorously managed as operations.

That's led to an increase in outsourcing to a content marketing or inbound marketing agency. That's hardly a panacea however - it's a model with critical shortcomings:

  • Agencies don't know your industry - even if they have similar clients. Your company IS different!
  • It's expensive - often $10-20K/month for a small or medium size manufacturer 
  • When they do the work, you can't build your internal capability
  • The results are often opaque or misaligned with your strategic objectives
  • Long-term commitments (because they have to justify hiring people to do the work - those new people that will execute your account!)

When you boil it all down, the problem is that they're marketers. They're not business people with deep personal experience on factory floors, in business like yours, that have made buying decisions and sold for years. They're working in the abstract - while you and your buyers work in a very concrete world.

You're not alone in your discomfort with this model. In fact, Accenture is building an entire new revenue growth & digital marketing practice - because effective marketing requires great business insight.


The agency model is broken

Glen Hartman Senior Managing Director - Lead for Accenture Interactive North America and Global Digital Marketing/Transformation

The traditional relationship between clients and agencies is "out of date"...This shift, he continued, amounts to a "new definition" of what it means to be an agency. "Even the word 'agency' is going away."..."And, all of a sudden, they're talking about operating models and new skillsets and organisational design. This is a place where we're wildly relevant." WARC 24 April, 2017

We help you Build

We were tired of it too!

After three years of expirementing ourselves with consulting and agency models, our Eureka moment struck. You don't need to outsource - in fact you don't want to and you shouldn't.

BUT, your internal team is just that - an internal team that knows your products and your company but operates under a set of assumptions that are inherently limiting.

Your COO relies on outside counsel. Your CFO uses outside auditors and financial advisors. You have LEAN consultants to help improve your manufacturing operations, and you rely on insurance experts to help weave proper coverage.

You need the same for revenue growth - more than just the tactical sales training which you may have.

That's what we provide in a comprehensive and effective program that:

  • Produces results
  • Directly correlates to corporate strategy
  • Increases awareness of market trends to position you for evolving opportunities and challenges
  • Builds your team and the internal revenue growth muscle
  • Draws on continuously evolving industry best practices
  • Is easy to implement including a whole package of tools
  • Incorporates our completely unique IP - our revenue growth maturity model
  • Constructs immediate foundation - provides framework & roadmap - consistently moves you forward as far/fast as you want to go

It's a bolt-on program for Manufacturing Revenue Growth that puts your team on the balls of their feet.

Learn more about it: