Midsize B2B Companies

Clients for whom I'm most successful often have some common attributes:


Middle market ($10MM - $1B) - that's a big range. I do work with some smaller companies. 

Profitable - this isn't about survival. This work will position you for growth and thriving.

Invest rather than rent - clients want to build internal capability for long-term growth and self-sufficiency (rather than outsource to agencies)

Asset aware and transition planning - many are privately held or PE owned and aware of the importance of scalable, manageable growth. They also are eager to create valuable assets in the form of data, product roadmaps and IP around their revenue growth process.


Growth mindset - they believe, no matter how successful they have been/are, that they can be better.

Buy-in & engagement - management doesn't just pay this effort lip service, but is willing to make it one of the top 5 visible objectives in the company.

Accountability - the culture sets realistic goals, expects team members to achieve them, and holds itself, collectively and individually, accountable.


Industrial, manufacturers, capital equipment - these are common. I have worked with B2B service companies and B2G product manufacturers in security and defense. Most however are in industrial manufacturing, capital equipment, automation, instrumentation and related industries. I have particular depth in packaging and processing industries

Current Sales & Marketing

Marketing - most haven't traditionally done much beyond trade shows and some magazine ads. Recently, however, they've been investing in tools for marketing automation, email marketing, metrics and analytics. They have a website (often the 2nd major version for the company) but they simply don't drive leads. In fact they may have invested in a tool like HubSpot (or Marketo, Act-On, Pardot or others) and be wondering whether they made a mistake. It's not driving the results they need.

They have often "tried" content marketing or inbound marketing for lead generation. They may be considering account based marketing for some brand awareness and demand generation.

Sales - mostly rely on outside sales and indirect channel (often reps and distributors.) When "they're sitting at the table, they win most of the deals." There's often some CRM and data management, but typically a poorly defined sales process. Particularly in the capital equipment & complex sales space they tend to be more focused on project management than account management and project development. Too often the key metrics are "quotes" and quota - which compromises self & guided management.