Jim Blasingame Hosts Ed Marsh for a Discussion on Knowledge Management

Ed Marsh | Jan 27, 2021 6:00:00 PM

Consilium founder interviewed by radio talk show host, business expert, and syndicated columnist

BOSTON, MA - 27 January, 2021

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Ed Marsh joined Jim Blasingame on his national radio talk show today to discuss knowledge management and its role in business strategy and manufacturing marketing.

For years Blasingame has encouraged business leaders to think of themselves as futurists. He suggests that they set time aside to read, follow trends, and consume business and industry news, and to use that information to identify interesting intersections which represent areas of opportunity.

Building on Blasingame's long-standing recommendations around curating knowledge, the conversation covered how Ed Marsh is helping firms build industry knowledge graphs on a Roam Research platform.

Additionally they covered details of knowledge storage, retrieval, and contextual aggregation. The conversation focused on the knowledge acquisition habit, and the role of Roam Research's bi-directional linking methodology in helping to identify opportunities which are discovered at the intersection of other themes and ideas.

You can listen to both segments of the interview in their entirety below, and learn more about how Ed can help your company seize the industry knowledge graph opportunity here.

About Ed Marsh:  Ed has 25 years of experience in industrial marketing, sales & management. He's a HubSpot tiered partner and has helped a number of B2B companies achieve revenue growth success by coaching and developing their internal teams using this model. He's a graduate of Johns Hopkins, a former Ranger qualified Airborne Infantry Officer, NACD Board Director Fellow and member of the Association for Corporate Growth. He's also an experience international businessman and former Export Advisor to American Express's Grow Global program.