Illustrating the Global Growth Potential of American Manufacturers

Ed Marsh | Sep 20, 2015 12:05:00 PM

Consilium's Ed Marsh unveils series of Gaping Void illustrations highlighting the global growth potential of B2B manufacturers

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BOSTON, MA, 21 September, 2015

Manufacturing Day falls on October 2nd in 2015.  It’s a grassroots program that aims to help manufacturers spread the good news of their work and contributions to the US economy.  Facing skilled workforce shortages, misperceptions and an outdated image, America’s advanced manufacturers are increasingly embracing the opportunity of Manufacturing Day to tell their exciting story.

Manufacturing is no longer the dirty, dangerous, unskilled world of earlier eras.  Rigorous financial and operational management have strengthened companies’ bottom lines, improved quality and reduced lead-times.  Today’s manufacturing facilities are generally clean, bright and precise – with many workers earning wages which were only available to a small segment of white collar workers a decade ago.

Yet while manufacturers strive to overcome misperceptions that others hold of them, they often limit their own success due to deeply held and similarly outdated perceptions of their own.

The internet has made every company global – the only question is which companies seize the opportunity and which reject it.

“Industrial marketing doesn’t need to be boring” says international business consultant Ed Marsh.  “It needs to be effective. Digital marketing provides an incredible tool, an equalizer for companies of all sizes.  But too often B2B manufacturers plod along with an ineffective approach of stale websites and a bit of SEO and Adwords, thinking that internet marketing is primarily a B2C tool.”

Digital marketing for industrial manufacturers is a driver of top-line revenue growth globally.  Well crafted strategy and consistently executed tactics drive qualified lead generation and revenue domestically, and internationally. And with 95% of the world’s buyers sitting outside the US, and reportedly more internet connected mobile devices than toothbrushes in the world, the number of international buyers searching for solutions and products is enormous.

But many American manufacturers hesitate to embrace digital marketing and balk at exporting….just as many parents discourage their kids from pursuing manufacturing careers.  Misperceptions of risk, opportunity, complexity and opportunity drive decisions.

“I decided it was time to start the conversation differently” says Marsh who is the founder of Consilium Global Business Advisors LLC in addition to being an industrial marketing consultant and the Export Advisor to American Express.  “I knew immediately that Hugh MacLeod was the guy to help.”

In advance of Manufacturing Day 2015 Consilium has unveiled a series of three illustrations by Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void Art. Known for his whimsical and slightly irreverent style and ability to provoke thoughtful introspection, Hugh is well known globally for his work with companies including HP, Nestle, VW, Dewar’s Whiskey and Microsoft.

The challenge was simple yet complex. “Ed wanted to challenge a traditional mindset.” says MacLeod.  “Of course that’s the essence of what we do so it was a great fit.”

The commission was to:

  1. Challenge the wisdom of the status quo (traditional, boring, industrial marketing)
  2. Highlight the opportunity for B2B manufacturers to leverage digital marketing to reach vast numbers of unknown prospects
  3. Provoke thought around the extended global opportunity which inbound marketing creates

“It’s a challenging conversation to start with executives who are focused on lean operations, payroll and other day-to-day challenges. I knew Hugh’s work and knew that he’d be able to stop folks dead in their tracks and get them thinking. And he did just what I hoped.” says Marsh.

The series of three illustrations features a pair of business people suggesting that the solution to slowing sales is to push harder with more of the same; a clarion call to manufacturers that if they’re not successfully marketing everywhere that they’re practically nowhere; and finishes with a thought provoking view of the global opportunity.





Manufacturers eager to grow consistently and predictably, interested in enhancing their enterprise valuation and considering global expansion should call Marsh at (978) 238-9898 to discuss the opportunities.

About Consilium Global Business Advisors:  Consilium assists American manufacturers in applying process excellence to their business development.  In other words we help lean, well managed companies with rock solid bottom lines effectively and consistently grow their top lines to match.  We work primarily with mid-size industrial manufacturing companies, guiding them through a journey of designing and executing business grade B2B inbound marketing and focused, profitable global market expansion.