Consilium Assists US SMBs In Brazilian Market Entry

Ed Marsh | Nov 15, 2011 11:46:28 AM

Consilium offers experienced and proven strategies for entering the Brazilian market as US companies increase focus on the alluring Brazilian opportunity

IPSWICH, MA, November 15, 2011

Consilium Global Business Advisors supports the thesis of the recently published Barrons Special Report – “Brazil” that “Brazil’s…long-term outlook is sunny, with a growing middle class, healthy banking system, stable government, abundant natural resources and globally focused companies.” And further “Brazil…offers the best opportunity…(as the) quality management, strong business…natural resources and positive demographics are the best of the emerging markets.”

“It’s amazing and exciting” concurs Santiago Lopez, Principle at Consilium and Latin American veteran. “The changes in trends and progress since I lived and worked there in ‘95 are amazing. I look forward to my frequent trips –like watching a time-lapse movie from 7,500 km away. The collective Brazilian energy is harnessed in a way I have never seen in any other place before. It seems La Copa Mundial (World Cup) and Olympics have captured the international imagination. Brazil is determined to showcase their new standing among the world’s hierarchy during the two most widely viewed events in the world!”

Brazil is one of Goldman Sack’s “BRICs”, the 7th largest economy in the world, the 5th most populous country, and a stable democracy. It is a member of the Mercosur free trade zone which includes Argentina, Chile, Uruguray and Paraguay. It is demographically poised to become more prominent as it becomes more developed, given its surpluses of natural gas and petroleum.

“It’s an fun place to visit and an enticing business target,” says Ed Marsh, Principle and international business veteran, “but it’s not for amateurs. We strongly recommend that US companies establish a South American foothold in a neighboring country first, where they will find business challenges less intense. Once they have an initial presence, and some LatAm experience, then we will help them tackle Brazil. But clearly Brazil provides a market which US companies can only ignore at great risk. And when a contrarian group like Barrons features it so prominently, you don’t want to waste time getting started. But…as the Brazilians themselves say ‘Fique tranquilo’ or ‘don’t worry’ - let’s do it right rather than fast”

Companies interested in exporting to Brazil and capturing a piece of that developing opportunity should contact Consilium Global Business Advisors to discuss an engagement which would include a Brazilian market entry component.

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