Consilium Announces Availability of Ex/Im Bank's Global Credit Express

Ed Marsh | Feb 20, 2012 4:00:58 AM

Consilium readies to assist companies in launching new and reinvigorated international business initiatives through export assistance programs supported by new export finance initiative

BOSTON, MA, 20 February, 2012

Consilium Global Business Advisors applauds the launch of the Export-Import Bank of the United States’ (Ex-Im Bank) new Global Credit Express program. Ex-Im Bank stipulates that the funds available under this program are “specially designed to finance the business of exporting rather than specific export transactions.”

According to Fred Hochberg, Chairman of the Ex-Im Bank “Global Credit Express is an innovative product that will help small business exporters obtain the financing they need to improve their bottom line and succeed in a highly competitive global economy. This new product will provide additional liquidity for eligible American exporters and access to financing at a reasonable cost.”

“This new program is an important step in filling one of the few gaps in an otherwise broad spectrum of government trade support finance products,” says Ed Marsh, Principal of Consilium. “Now for the first time, companies have access to funds specifically earmarked to support their expenses in developing their export and international business growth. Combined with STEP (State Trade and Export Promotion) grants from the SBA, the burden of the cost of building an export program is reduced.”

“This is huge. It’s a game changer,” agrees Dave Kaupp, Principal of Consilium. “Many companies know they should export, and want to. And they understand that the government offers resources to support their efforts once underway. But cash is tight, and many compelling business priorities compete for the funds required to launch an initiative. This functionally eliminates that barrier. Now travel, trade shows, marketing localization and strategic advisory services, which many experts identify as a key to success, can be inexpensively funded through this program.”

The world market is now truly open to American SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) and Consilium Global Business Advisors’ export assistance programs are within the reach of nearly any business interested in international business development. With subsidized business development, reduced taxes on export sales and diversification into vibrant growing markets there are few business investments that offer the business changing return of a well-planned and properly executed export initiative.

Find more information on Ex-Im’s new Global Credit Express program here.

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Consilium assists companies in increasing sales and profits through global business development. The Consilium Method uses a selection of advisory services synthesized into a unique export assistance solution, which includes—Marketing Localization, Market Selection, Product Localization, Channel Model Selection, Business Development, Process Management, Government Relations, Commercial Diplomacy and other operational & administrative functions. The Consilium Model is a “big company” export model tailored for SME accessibility. With substantial real-world business experience spanning industries and regions, the Consilium principles deftly guide clients through meticulous strategic planning, comprehensive preparation, and side-by-side market execution. Clients benefit through increased revenue and profit, business stability and survivability. Diversification through carefully selected emerging and established markets also enhances enterprise value through international penetration and growth management.