Consilium's Ed Marsh Cited in USA Today Article on American Exporting

Ed Marsh | Feb 7, 2012 1:50:02 AM

"Small businesses getting help to increase exports to China"

Consilium Global Business Advisors was featured in a recent USA Today article on American SMEs and export development trends. Principal Ed Marsh was quoted in the piece, commenting on the functional challenges and traditional hesitance common among small and medium-sized companies which consider international expansion.


For large American corporations, exporting — especially to booming markets such as China, India and Brazil — is often seen as a logical part of their growth. But small and midsize businesses, with limited resources and staff, may see it as a hassle, according to Ed Marsh, a principal at Consilium Global Business Advisors, which advises U.S. companies on exporting. While more than 99% of U.S. businesses are small or midsize enterprises, they account for a relatively small share of U.S. exports, according to a 2010 report by the U.S. International Trade Commission. "The government can jump up and down and talk about the benefit of diversifying your market and the opportunity to reach more than 90% of the world's consumers, but for a business owner who is frantically trying to keep up with his e-mail, the perceived benefits may not outweigh the perceived impediments" of exporting, Marsh says." by="Kathy Chu, Correspondent" from="USA Today, Hong Kong

"It's great to see the topics of international business development and export receiving mainstream notice. They have traditionally been the domain of industry wonks and those with direct professional interest, but there's been a sort of 'black box' aura" says Ed Marsh of the article. "It's different than domestic business for sure, but it's not necessarily riskier or more difficult. And it's a phenomenal opportunity for SMEs."

"And assistance of the breadth and depth provided by Consilium offers the perfect bridge for companies concerned about the journey from initial information seminars to actually having international sales and activity. We offer a unique, vertically integrated suite of advisory services, tailored and priced for SMEs, to help them succeed. We are pleased to have been recognized as expert in this area and included by USA Today in this article on an important topic."

To learn more about the traditional benefits of export visit "Why" and for a more irreverent view from the business owners perspective see our presentation "Through the Looking Glass of Intl Biz Dev". And for background on how Consilium's approach is unique, find details here.

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About Consilium Global Business Advisors – Consilium assists companies in increasing sales and profits through global business development. The Consilium Method uses a selection of advisory services synthesized into a unique export assistance solution, which includes—Marketing Localization, Market Selection, Product Localization, Channel Model Selection, Business Development, Process Management, Government Relations, Commercial Diplomacy and other operational & administrative functions. The Consilium Model is a “big company” export model tailored for SME accessibility. With substantial real-world business experience spanning industries and regions, the Consilium principles deftly guide clients through meticulous strategic planning, comprehensive preparation, and side-by-side market execution. Clients benefit through increased revenue and profit, business stability and survivability. Diversification through carefully selected emerging and established markets also enhances enterprise value through international penetration and growth management