Consilium Launches Industrial Sales Recruiting Practice

admin | Sep 2, 2022 2:30:00 PM

Improved Industrial Sales Recruiting, Efficient Hiring, Rapid Onboarding - Faster Manufacturing Revenue Growth

Ipswich, MA

September 7, 2022

Ed Marsh of Consilium Global Business Advisors announced today the launch of industrial sales recruiting services to help B2B companies efficiently perform their own industrial sales recruiting or provide outsourced support.

Capital equipment manufacturers face consistent challenges in sales hiring and recruiting, and Consilium's outsourced program of continuous recruiting will help senior executives identify and rapidly onboard top sales talent. When sales performance dictates a change, or a territory opens up, companies can turn to top talent quickly.

Many middle-market industrial companies have very stable sales teams with seniority. Longevity and technical expertise are often conflated with sales prowess resulting in underperforming ossified sales teams. Traditional and cumbersome hiring is only undertaken when there's an urgent need because it's so onerous.

Senior executives often bear the burden of recruiting, screening, interviewing, and onboarding new sales talent - reps, managers and VP level leaders - on top of operational responsibilities. They don't have time to do so consistently while juggling their workload, so mediocre reps remain in place.

Mistakes are expensive. Between recruiter fees, wages for ramp-up time, and the cost of empty territories, executives hesitate to replace salespeople because the hassle, time, and risk seem daunting.

The opportunity cost of that hesitation is also high. 

"Mediocre industrial sale talent is hugely expensive for companies," says Ed Marsh, founder of Consilium. "Our new offering is designed to help manufacturers and capital machinery companies implement efficient and effective continuous sales recruiting to improve results, reduce mistakes, and shorten time to profit."

Consilium can coach manufacturers to improve their sales recruiting process or manage it for them, as well as help to improve performance of the current team.

  1. Refine and implement rigorous sales processes to maximize the opportunity with the current team
  2. Measure strengths and weaknesses of the current team using data and science to quantify the potential return on improving the team's performance
  3. Train companies to run continuous recruiting themselves using OMG's proven STAR (Sales Talent Acquisition Routine) 
  4. Implement tools to efficiently screen candidates
  5. Run the recruiting process for them all the way through initial interviews. We only present candidates who will sell, and meet all criteria, to management for further interviewing

This model can work in parallel with the traditional sales head-hunter model, or replace it. The Consilium approach is focused on making it easy and inexpensive to continuously recruit because that's the fundamental solution to many industrial sales talent problems. Finding the top talent when you need them is problematic. Searching consistently for top talent helps you add them to your team when they're ready.

Dave Kurlan, founder of Objective Management Group and inventor of the OMG suite of quantitative, sales-specific assessment tools ads “Not only does Ed understand industrial sales and the power of OMG tools, but he has lived the management challenges that his clients face. He's got the experience and insight to help companies recruit and hire top sales talent in today's competitive market. We're thrilled to have him and Consilium as an OMG partner.”

Ed works primarily with middle-market industrial machinery and durable goods manufacturers. His integrated approach to revenue growth optimizes manufacturing marketing, capital equipment sales, product and market strategy and customer experience. Having carried P&L, owned his own industrial companies, and managed sales forces and sales channel, he provides a sounding board and real-world advisory for senior management.

If you've struggled to optimize your sales talent or are facing expensive turnover and missed opportunities, learn more about Consilium's industrial sales recruiting practice here.

About Consilium Global Business Advisors: Consilium assists American manufacturers in applying process excellence to their business development. In other words, we help lean, well-managed companies with rock-solid bottom lines effectively and consistently grow their top lines to match. We work primarily with mid-size industrial manufacturing and capital equipment companies, guiding them through a journey toward Overall Revenue Effectiveness™.

Published release is available here.