Pritzker Appoints Export Consultant Ed Marsh to Massachusetts DEC

Ed Marsh | Feb 26, 2016 6:00:00 PM

Consilium announces that international business expert and export consultant Ed Marsh has been appointed to four-year term as District Export Council Member

BOSTON, MA, 29 February, 2016

Ed-Marsh-28-e1308966034250-150x150.jpgUnited States Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker has appointed export consultant Ed Marsh to the Massachusetts District Export Council for a four-year term beginning January 1, 2016. District Export Council appointees are selected for knowledge of, and expertise in, international business. Under the District Export Council framework they work closely with the US Department of Commerce Export Assistance Centers and Foreign Commercial Service.

Commenting on the appointment Marsh said “I’m deeply honored to have been appointed by Secretary Pritzker. Many American SMBs achieve remarkable growth in international markets. Businesses don’t have to be global to realize substantial benefits. Companies that succeed in even a couple key markets can realize step-change type growth.”

The facts are well known. Only 5% of American companies export and of those, only about one third sell beyond NAFTA. Latin America, ASEAN, Europe, MENA and South Asia all represent interesting growth opportunities for companies in many industries. But international business development can feel like a daunting challenge for companies focused on day-to-day operations. Many need resources to help them navigate the challenges of growing their exports profitably. Extensive resources to support profitable top line growth are available at local, state and federal levels, as well as through private organizations like Chambers of Commerce.

The mission of the District Export Councils includes advocating trade policy, supporting export programs, identifying export finance solutions and contributing to export awareness in the business community.  John Drew, chairman of Drew Company and the MA District Export Council welcomed Marsh to the council ”We’re thrilled that Secretary Pritzker has appointed Ed. His background as a consultant helping companies grow globally is a perfect fit for the critical work our council does in New England.”

As a management consultant working with B2B manufacturing firms Ed Marsh works in the exporting wheelhouse. According to International Trade Administration figures, manufacturing goods represented 90% of the merchandise exports to FTA partners in 2013, and the US had a $61.4 billion trade surplus in manufactured goods with those countries that year.

Ed Marsh is also an exporting advisor to American Express.

About Consilium Global Business Advisors:  Consilium assists American manufacturers in applying process excellence to their business development.  In other words we help lean, well managed companies with rock solid bottom lines effectively and consistently grow their top lines to match.  We work primarily with mid-size industrial manufacturing companies, guiding them through a journey of designing and executing business grade B2B inbound marketing and focused, profitable global market expansion.