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Ed Marsh | Aug 16, 2013 12:14:12 PM

Consilium Global Business Advisors seeks expansion of inbound marketing as global business development tool for US SMBs


BOSTON, MA, 19 August, 2013

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Inbound marketing, the fully integrated embellishment of the content marketing craze, is attracting huge attention. Take this week’s “#Inbound13” organized by inbound marketing SaaS provider HubSpot. As thousands of marketers and agencies from around the globe descend on Boston for the event, it’s clearly more than just buzz. Inbound marketing works.

That’s great news for companies that are struggling to find growth against a generally stagnant economic background. Nevertheless, there’s a strange incongruity in the approach many companies take.

“It’s kind of crazy” comments Consilium Managing Principal Ed Marsh “I’ve never spoken with someone who told me that they mapped out a perfect inbound marketing strategy and then ignored half of it. And yet most companies receive a huge number of international leads, many well qualified, and simply discard them.”

It’s common for successful practitioners of inbound marketing to focus solely on the domestic lead conversions they receive and to ignore international lead conversions - typically 50% of all conversions. And for companies that embrace inbound marketing in pursuit of business growth, that’s a failure to practice “lead sustainability” which compromises the high-level growth objective.

“It’s really a global market, like it or not, and inbound marketing offers both an immediate source of qualified international leads, and also an amazingly effective and economical tool to help SMBs penetrate new target global markets.” continues Marsh.

While some companies discard international leads that don’t fit tight target profiles, yet others are unfamiliar with export opportunities and miss the growth for fear of potential complications. Despite the myths the risks are eminently manageable.

Inbound marketing offers an immediate window into accessible, profitable international sales. It also offers a powerful tool for companies that “take it to the next level” with localized content for key target markets.

The bottom line for business development is profitable growth that satisfies strategic objectives. Well-diversified global sales should often be a central component of that strategy, and inbound marketing offers an immediate roadmap of global opportunity for those already practicing it.

International inbound marketing is a business development force multiplier. Interested in discussing how it can be applied to your business, or a VAR wondering about the fit for your clients? Let’s speak in person during Inbound13. Contact me.

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