Consilium Global Business Advisors Launches #EXPORT Tweet Chat

Ed Marsh | Dec 12, 2011 4:55:00 AM

Consilium launches and moderates the first weekly “tweet chat” focused on exporting and international business development

IPSWICH, MA, December 12, 2011

Consilium Global Business Advisors announced today that it is launching the first Tweet Chat dedicated to exporting issues. Under the National Export Initiative, substantial government resources are committed to helping SMEs open new overseas markets for their products. There is more interest than ever in exploring export opportunities, yet many companies hesitate because of their unfamiliarity with exporting and concerns about possible risks. A recent report by McGladrey International noted that many companies which are poised to export hesitate because of perceived barriers. Additionally it found that companies often focus on operational details rather than overall international development strategy during the initial phases.

Consilium recognizes that while challenges exist in developing business overseas, reliable information and experienced references are the greatest tools for surmounting the hurdles. And despite all the various public and private sources of information and assistance with export topics, there is no single interactive venue for various export-related stakeholders to regularly share and exchange ideas, information, questions and success stories.

“The export world offers SMEs a huge opportunity. But exporting and international business development are daunting for many companies. Some never take initial steps and others only tentatively dabble. In both cases they miss out on large market potential.” says Ed Marsh, Principal of Consilium. “The key is reliable and relevant information. Even the most seasoned and experienced international business practitioners are constantly working to understand new trends, regulations and market circumstances. We haven’t found any resource that provides such a broad, real-time venue for all folks with exporting interest, questions and challenges to exchange ideas and get answers to questions. We are thrilled to launch this #export tweet chat and to support the broader goals of the NEI just as we support individual clients with our innovative advisory model.”

Dave Kaupp, Consilium Principal, Marketing Localization and International Social Media expert continues “It’s really the perfect tool. And it’s especially important because it helps reinforce the new creative and important role that social media needs to play in the international business space. Not only can companies participate in real-time dialog with others in the export and international business development world, but they can simultaneously experience a great tool which they can in turn leverage in their business development efforts.”

Stakeholders from all sectors of the #export topic are encouraged to participate including:

• Companies which export or are considering exporting

• Government Officials with interest in export promotion

• Industry and service providers (finance, logistics, legal, translation, etc.)

• Experienced exporters looking for new ideas

• Experts on emerging markets

• Anyone with interest in international business development

• The #Export Tweet Chat will be held every Tuesday, from 2-3pm Eastern Time beginning on January 10, 2011

• Consilium suggests that participants use a tool such as to facilitate their participation

• Questions on the tweet chat should be directed to @ConsiliumGlbAdv

• For discussion regarding the #Export tweet chat please use hashtag #ExportTC

About Consilium Global Business Advisors

Consilium assists companies in increasing sales and profits through global business development. The Consilium Method uses a selection of advisory services synthesized into a unique export assistance solution, which includes—Marketing Localization, Market Selection, Product Localization, Channel Model Selection, Business Development, Process Management, Government Relations, Commercial Diplomacy and other operational & administrative functions. The Consilium Model is a “big company” export model tailored for SME accessibility. With substantial real-world business experience spanning industries and regions, the Consilium principles deftly guide clients through meticulous strategic planning, comprehensive preparation, and side-by-side market execution. Clients benefit through increased revenue and profit, business stability and survivability. Diversification through carefully selected emerging and established markets also enhances enterprise value through international penetration and growth management.