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Ed Marsh | Dec 5, 2011 6:30:33 AM

Consilium’s founder and principal Ed Marsh selected as regular contributor to

IPSWICH, MA, December 5, 2011

Consilium Global Business Advisors announced today that has selected founder and principal Ed Marsh as a regular contributor. Ed will provide periodic articles featuring strategic planning guidelines and execution tips for business owners who are considering diversifying their business internationally.

“International diversification is critically important for most businesses. The outlook for the US market is very concerning, and sensible companies are moving to strategically diversify their market exposure and revenue streams to ensure viability.” says Ed Marsh, Principal, Consilium Global Business Advisors, “I’m excited to support – a group whose readers and members understand the importance of international diversification. Hence, as individuals, many consider diversification of their personal and business assets to be critically important to their overall financial health.”

Brandon Rowe, Managing Director of concurred. “We are all about diversification. Our members are astute, forward looking people. Many are entrepreneurs with substantial experience. They look to us for creative approaches and pointers on their diversification efforts – both personal, and as appropriate or interrelated, professional. Ed fits perfectly into our model, offering perspective for business owners who are considering globalizing their enterprises.”

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Consilium assists companies in increasing sales and profits through global business development. The Consilium Method uses a selection of advisory services synthesized into a unique export assistance solution, which includes—Marketing Localization, Market Selection, Product Localization, Channel Model Selection, Business Development, Process Management, Government Relations, Commercial Diplomacy and other operational & administrative functions. The Consilium Model is a “big company” export model tailored for SME accessibility. With substantial real-world business experience spanning industries and regions, the Consilium principles deftly guide clients through meticulous strategic planning, comprehensive preparation, and side-by-side market execution. Clients benefit through increased revenue and profit, business stability and survivability. Diversification through carefully selected emerging and established markets also enhances enterprise value through international penetration and growth management.


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