Consilium's Ed Marsh Announces New International Marketing Services

Ed Marsh | Jul 16, 2012 6:32:53 AM

Consilium unveils new services specifically tailored to assist SMBs in developing effective international marketing programs

BOSTON, MA, 16 July, 2012

Consilium Global Business Advisors has developed robust international marketing services to assist American SMBs in developing the programs and in-house skills to effectively and efficiently develop international sales.

”We are so excited to roll this out” commented Dave Kaupp, Consilium Principal and international marketing expert, “so many companies take the bold step to export, but unfortunately fail to develop the global edge they should because of international marketing miscues. There are many elements, like marketing localization, global SEO, international lead generation and marketing automation and internationalized social media, which are simply ‘foreign’ to many marketing folks, and with international inbound marketing poised to assume critical importance; it must be tackled head-on to ensure opportunities are captured.”

Ed Marsh, Principal and international business development consultant agreed “American companies have a huge advantage. ‘Made in America’ is valued in most corners of the world. As the National Export Initiative suggests, we really can ‘make it here and sell it everywhere.’ But before companies can sell it they have to market it. And international marketing is an entirely different beast than the one they know domestically. It’s a critical area which American SMBs often overlook”

Consilium identifies International Marketing as one of the fundamental core disciplines which companies must master to realize their international sales potential, and international inbound marketing as one of the key skills which will distinguish the most successful companies in the next decade.

About Consilium Global Business Advisors

Consilium assists companies in increasing sales and profits through global business development. The Consilium Method uses a selection of advisory services synthesized into a unique export assistance solution, which includes—Marketing Localization, Market Selection, Product Localization, Channel Model Selection, Business Development, Process Management, Government Relations, Commercial Diplomacy and other operational & administrative functions. The Consilium Model is a “big company” export model tailored for SME accessibility. With substantial real-world business experience spanning industries and regions, the Consilium principles deftly guide clients through meticulous strategic planning, comprehensive preparation, and side-by-side market execution. Clients benefit through increased revenue and profit, business stability and survivability. Diversification through carefully selected emerging and established markets also enhances enterprise value through international penetration and growth management.