Consilium Participates in International Business Development Forum

Ed Marsh | Sep 5, 2012 6:25:12 AM

Consilium Global Business Advisors Announces Participation in International Business Development Forum


BOSTON, MA, 10 Sept, 2012

Consilium Global Business Advisors Principal Ed Marsh will moderate an export business development forum at the annual meeting of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute

Ed Marsh, Consilium Principal and experienced international business development consultant will moderate the international business development forum at the PMMI’s annual meeting in September in Spokane, WA.

“I’m thrilled,” said Marsh “the PMMI is a globally known trade organization, and for years they’ve taken an active role in helping their members identify export opportunities for international sales growth. To be invited to contribute is an honor.”

The global packaging machinery industry is estimated to be $40 billion. America’s packaging machinery industry accounts for $6B annually and produces a wide array of innovative machinery solutions which reduce manufacturing costs, enable sustainable packaging and enhance food safety and lifestyle convenience.

While packaging machinery sales are projected to grow at a slower pace domestically, they are simultaneously projected to grow quickly in emerging markets as consumer demand spurs increased local manufacturing. Globally it is a growth market and the “Made in USA” imprimatur is coveted among manufacturers automating their processes. The international business development opportunities are huge for the American manufacturers determined to pursue them and the National Export Initiative offers some compelling supporting benefits.

“International growth is a compelling opportunity for our members” offers Jorge Izquierdo, PMMI’s VP of International Business Development. Increasingly our members are supporting existing domestic customers as they expand internationally. Then from that foothold many are expanding their efforts globally, and with profitable success.”

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